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To deliver and implement Saral Vaastu, in order to bring in "POSITIVE AURA & ENERGY", across the globe, wherein millions of people can be benefited in their personal lives as well as at their jobs.


To propagate the Principles of Saral Vaastu throughout the world for a happy, contented and prosperous living.

Half a million beneficiaries across the globe, including corporate clients. 

Science is understood through facts and facts relate to truth. Our ancient Indian Sciences for example: Horoscope Creation, Palmistry or Palm reading, Face Reading, Naadi Shastra, Vaastu-Shastra , Jyotish Vidya etc. are all based upon proven facts that have shown sustainable or substantial results , if followed properly. But the fact is, often the results are not totally on the positive side, as they cater to suit individual needs. Saral Vaastu on the other hand, is based upon the prediction of an individual’s as well as his family’s destiny, through a thorough appraisal of a person’s Home, Workplace as well as his House Plan documents.

It would be prudent to understand at the beginning, what exactly is the concept of Saral Vaastu and how is it different from Generic Vaastu. Saral Vaastu as the adjective suggests, is an easy and redefined version of the ancient Vaastu-Shastra, that could be applied fully, to our modern designs of architecture. Its uniqueness lays upon offering accurate scientific solutions, through the application of various “Algorithms”. It is definitely not related to Generic Vaastu principles. A metamorphic change would be visible in the form of immense prosperity and richness that would be obtainable , even with a onetime application of Saral Vaastu’s universally acceptable principles and could prove immensely beneficial, to an individual’s three generations in the future. The solution could be applied to a person’s own or rented premises.

Let us now observe how Saral Vaastu works? It is not at all based on the concept of Birth or Death. On the contrary, it helps an individual and his family to have a happy, prosperous and contented life, until death. Vaastu Shastra in its ancient form would be quite complicated, not totally understood by the common people or appealing to their sense and sensibilities. Saral Vaastu ,completely relates to the common people like us and the problems faced by us, in our day to day life. Common problems in Education, Career, Marriage, Relationships, our Health, maintaining and increasing our Wealth, earning name and fame in the Society, maintaining our Status and similar other issues affects us all. The Simplistic Scientific Approach of Saral Vaastu, is the perfect panacea and cure for all such problems and maladies, that could have severe repercussions on our mind, soul and body but could be done away with the application of Saral Vaastu in our day to day life and in the life of our near and dear ones. The Divine Knowledge of Saral Vaastu revealed to our Guruji. Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji would be of immense help to mankind and to individuals, who would be able to deal with all the problems of their lives, by inculcating and enhancing the three factors that influences their Earth Luck.

We should now understand the three factors, that govern an individual’s Earth Luck.

Energy: Saral Vaastu helps to enhance our Body’s Positive Energy Source, through the driving away of our body’s Negative Energy Source.

Direction: Everyone possesses four favourable and four unfavourable directions, which influences our lives on a daily basis, in every minute and in every second. When we follow the favourable directions, the frequency between our inner and outer energy levels, seeks to enhances our Positive Aura. For example, if the main door of our house or workplace is situated in an unfavourable Direction, we are likely to face frequent problems that may affect our progress substantially. Saral Vaastu helps us to know our four most favourable and unfavourable directions, that we can practice and follow in our daily lives in order to channelize our positive energy, so as to rejuvenate our 7 CHAKRAS.

The Seven Chakras: When the human beings are surrounded by Positive Energy and they follow their favourable directions, the 7 Chakras are channelized and charged, for continuous happy living.

We as human beings face problems, as we are totally unaware about the knowledge of the seven Chakras, So we don’t make any effort in harnessing the energy of the seven Chakras. Here our Saral Vaastu Experts Team comes in handy to identify the specific problems stated as above and generally related to our Health, Wealth , Relationships , Education , Career and other myriad problems afflicting us in our stressful lives of the contemporary world of today. Our destiny chart of the present, past and the future can be predicted, through the critical analysis of our House Plan and our Date of Birth.

Even if an individual doesn’t accept our accurate predictions, then the same is taken up as an escalation, by our revered Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji , who challengingly takes up the case study for Research and Analysis, under his wing.

To sum it up , Saral Vaastu is a very simple , totally unique scientific solution based upon facts, without any alterations. Concept that can be adaptable to every facet of our homes and workplaces, influencing the life of every single member of the family . Definite Good Results are assured within 7 to 180 days of the inculcation and implementation of the Saral Vaastu Solution.

  • Sahasrara
  • Ajna
  • Vishudha
  • Anahata

    The HEART CHAKRA is situated in the heart region. If our ANAHATA CHAKRA is not activated, it could lead to heart diseases, diseases of the Immune System for example: - ( Myalgia, Encephalomyelitis- sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and many other deficiencies of the Immune System, Allergies, Cancer of the Breast etc.

  • Manipura
  • Swadishthana
  • Mooladhara

Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji

There is a saying that the omnipotent and omnipresent GOD always finds some of the chosen few in this world, to do his bidding. Many a times, the lucky messenger does not realize it at first, but as the message spreads for the good of humanity, so does the name of the messenger. Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji, is one of them. Since his childhood, he has always felt and believed that his life is meant for a greater ‘cause’.


C G Parivar

Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji laid the foundation for CG PARIVAR , a Private Limited Company in the year 2002, to spread happiness globally. He started sharing his knowledge with more than 350 of his disciples, worldwide. All associated with this noble venture are today working for a common objective, i.e. the betterment of mankind, present worldwide for universal reach and solidarity in the field of Vaastu Shastra or Vaastu Science.


C G Parivar Foundation & Research centre

CG PARIVAR FOUNDATION & RESEARCH CENTRE was incorporated in the year 2010. The main objective and vision of Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji, is to provide state of the art Residential Educational Facility for the poor, malnourished and orphaned children from the States of Karnataka & Maharashtra entirely Free of Cost , solely motivated through his own philanthropic bent of mind and attitude.


  • In how many days can we expect result from Saral Vaastu ?

    After the complete implementation of Saral Vaastu procedures, as suggested by Guruji, definite results will be observed between 7-180 days.

  • How is Saral Vaastu different from other Ancient Indian Vaastu Shastra ?

    Our expert would visit your premises and analyse the dwelling/workplace plan with regard to your Date of Birth. Based on the analysis, we predict the specific problems that your family is facing in Health, Wealth, Relationships/Marriage, Children's Education & Career etc. You will be surprised to see our accurate predictions. We give Scientific Solutions to the problems faced by you and your family members. We assure results within 3-8 months after implementing our Services.

  • How is Saral Vaastu different from other vaastu services ?

    All of these ancient Indian traditional destiny prediction tools, are basically customized solution of predictions made for an individual member, who provides his details to the experts, who in turn gets the predictions related to that particular member made, in the form of customized individual Charts.

    In Saral Vaastu apart from provideing the Chart related to the favourable and unfavourable direction, colors etc. We do provide the Charts for each and every member of the family, informing them of their positive and negative energy sources and finding out the common thread of problems, affecting the whole family.

  • How exactly does Saral Vaastu work ?

    Through the universal application of Saral Vaastu principles , our Saral Vaastu expert , will make a physical inspection of your house or workplace , consult your house plan ,workplace plan or establishment plan ( in case you don’t have a plan , our expert will make a plan on the spot ) and then provide accurate prediction of your problem spots in the house . If the prediction matches with the exact problem/s, faced by the householder or head of the establishment, then without making any change to the current construction plan (breakages or alterations), our expert provides Saral Vaastu remedies, in the form of various materials, duly energized and blessed by Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji. With the help of customized individual charts, displaying favourable and non-favourable directions, coupled with favourable and non-favourable colors including neutral colors , various inputs of individual Date of Birth, lucky number etc branched together in the form of CHARTS and based on every single family member’s Data; our learned experts after finding out the exact nature of the problem , provide the exact remedial solution and procedure towards the redressed of your perennial problem and that of your family members. Permanent scientific solutions of Saral Vaastu, helps in turning back the clock of your misfortune ,in turn bringing in gigantic progress in all spheres of life; physical, spiritual and materialistic.

  • How do I avail Saral Vaastu services ?

    The below displayed phone numbers in "contact us", related to the three states, namely Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat; we provide our services within 3 – 5 days by scheduling a visit by our Saral Vaastu expert, to your respective home or workplace. PAN- INDIA consultation will be scheduled, as per the availability and convenience of both, the expert and the householder or the aggrieved party.

  • What are the Nominal Charges for Saral Vaastu consultation ?

    Within the above specified 3 states in India , we charge INR-Rs.500/-only. For Commercial Consultation for example: Offices, Workplaces, Manufacturing Units and other establishments , the charges are based on the square feet rate (Saral Vaastu).

    For PAN-INDIA and Abroad, the householder would have to send a House Plan or Workplace Plan copy to us by visiting our official website and going to the caption –GET YOUR HOUSE PREDICTION

  • Can Saral Vaastu be applied to Rented Premises ?

    The beauty of Saral Vaastu is that whosoever resides in either rented or his own ownership premises, gets the benefits out of it. The person inhabiting a particular place matters, rather than the place itself. Whosoever resides at a particular place and starts a particular business, could get the benefit of Saral Vaastu after implementing the proper procedure as laid down by our expert and would definitely get the desired results within 7 to 180 days.

  • Can Saral Vaastu be beneficial for us, with regards to our health problems ?

    Saral Vaastu not only helps in the rectification of our health issues but also helps in the resolving of matrimonial issues, children’s education related issues, personal problems, problems related to house or establishment by locating the problems in the House Plan, through the complete appraisal by experts and finding suitable solutions by locating energy inducing direction and energy places in the house. The Aura of the correct Energy spot , combined with the right direction , goes a long way in not only getting the affected people free from all health related maladies, but getting rid of the other mentioned problems as well.

    Now a days Health related issues are affecting each and everybody in the household. A simple change in the weather can bring along a host of health related issues. Dengue, malaria, common cough and cold have now become household diseases and very common in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities. So it has become all the more imperative to keep ourselves safer and our body immune from their onslaught.

    In taking the first preventive step , Saral Vaastu lays importance on the location of a Health Place in our homes or working places . If the health place or exact spot is located , by our Saral Vaastu expert, it will directly start passing of energy inducing aura through a favourable direction , in the house . The harmful vibes in the house, causing the negative energy to stay in the shape of various maladies afflicting the members of the house, would definitely go away , making way for positive energy to enter the house, curing the household members of all their ill- health related issues. This health place or spot that was up to now filled up with negative energy will now start emanating positive energy and will in turn ,create a healthy atmosphere in the house. The peaceful atmosphere in the house will also bring in Wealth and Prosperity and create a sense of goodwill where every member “Earns with Peace” .

Guruji's five principles


It was a very pleasant experience that I had with Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji. I was facing problems in my business, due to it not going my way, but after the implementation of Saral Vaastu, I could see a lot of positiveness & improvement at home and in my business; the solution being very simple , basic and not very expensive.Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji is very knowledgeable in this field and hence I will certainly recommend him to others, looking for guidance in this Vaastu field. Thank you Guruji for being an angel of help when I needed you the most and for giving me your correct advice.

Akil Nayak


We were facing several issues in our life like lack of understanding between me and my wife , while she was having problems in conceiving for the last 7 years and I had a wish to own a house as we were living in a rented apartment. All these problems were resolved when I read an article about Guruji and life has changed for the better , after the implementation of the simple principles of Saral Vaastu. Currently we own a house, the relationship between us has improved and we are blessed with a kid. We are very thankful to Guruji & CG Parivar and would recommend them to others, who are facing the same problems like us , to avail the Saral Vaastu Services, as it improves health, wealth and happiness.

Sushil Singla


Our Services in different verticals

  • Hotels


    Hospitality sector and the hotel industry are synonymous with each other. Travels and tourism sector that earns sizable revenue for the government and strengthens the foreign currency reserve of the country cannot survive without the hospitality and hotel industry in place. Hospitality sector not only includes the hotel industry , but also includes service apartments, holiday homes,guest houses,holiday resorts,independent service bungalows, times share resorts, cruise-liner hotels & casinos, casino city resorts, floating hotels or ferries, Holistic treatment resorts & Spas and similar such boarding and lodging facilities providers that provide home or luxurious comfort stays for their customers,clients and high net worth individuals , right from 3 star ratings to 7 star ratings, of the hospitality business sector; seem to be the norm in modern India today.

  • corporate


    Saral Vaastu concept application in the cut throat corporate world of today is a totally unexplored territory that needs to be utilized for the benefit of the working personnel right from the higher echelons of the hierarchy, to the basic laboring personnel operating as the base ladder of the company.

  • hospital


    The Get-Well- Soon sector of the Health Industry related to hospitals, nursing homes and hospices as well as the fast burgeoning or growing sector of Health Tourism, that is a recent growth factor and a source of much needed foreign revenue generator for the Government of India is fast becoming a reality in today’s growth of a resurgent India.

  • industries


    It is a well known fact that India is an Agrarian or agriculture based economic power that through resurgence and revitalization, has been able to create a parallel industrial economy, both in the sphere of Small and Village based cottage industries as well as massive scale built, large scale industries .

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"The secrets of a happy family life …....."
solve the Life-related problems, through unique scientific solution of Saral Vaastu.

The beauty of Rajasthan lies in its culture, art & architecture , cuisine and its people. Rajasthan is perhaps the most diverse, artistically decorative, architecturally magnificent and regal state in India. Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan is famous for its Vaastu oriented architectural wonders like Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal , City Palance & Amer Fort as well as being renowned as the 'Pink city of India'.

Our SARAL VAASTU will fill this void to enrich the life of the common people in Rajasthan , so that they can get all the benefits that royals used to get in the ancient times by following ancient Vaastu principles. Saral Vaastu through its scientific , easy to understand and implement principles and theories, would definitely be able to bring about a ray of hope in the life of the common people whose family, including the Head or Breadwinner and relatives, may be suffering from Life-Related Problems in the sphere of Health, Wealth, Career, Marriage, Finace, Relationship , Education etc. Saral Vaastu will provide the perfect cure for all of the problems of life faced by the people of Rajashtan , by providing them Saral Vaastu Solutions in order that they be able to live their lives, peacefully, happily and blissfully forever and ever , getting all the prosperity that they have always desired but not being able to have due to various reasons or their over -reliance on destiny. Saral Vaastu is going to change the quality and standard of the lives of the people of Rajasthan for the better forever ,as now it is really and truly found its roots in Rajasthan , the Royal city of India , with its royal people and their royal culture full of beauty , magnificence and splendor.

Saral-Vaastu in RAJASTHAN

Saral Vaastu Advice


Saral Vaastu for Home

The most important place in our lives that we love to return to, at the end of a hard day at work, just like the proverbial bird returning to its nest, would definitely be our ‘Home Sweet Home’. It does not matter , whether we live in a ‘chawl’, 1 RK, 1BHK, 2BHK, duplex apartments, condominiums, penthouses , independent bungalows our homes are very dear to us because the members of the family and its inhabitants make it a home, otherwise it just remains a house...


Saral Vaastu for Health

Health is a very important aspect of life. As the sagely adage goes, 'Health is Wealth', it’s absolutely true for everybody. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body is the most apt wisdom for today’s stressful lives. If there are any health issues of any member of the family, the whole family gets disturbed and their daily routine of smooth life goes for a toss. To top it, all this tension and stress disturbs the ‘Peace of Mind’ of everybody, directly or indirectly, related to the household or workplace...


Saral Vaastu for Wealth

Wealth plays a very important part in everyone’s life. Without wealth, there is no respectability in the society. Wealth generation is very essential for making our life comfortable and getting a good status in the society. If the breadwinner of the family has suffered a big financial loss, then the cascading effect falls on each member of the family, including children. Tension, distress and anxiety amongst the family members in the long run could lead to court cases, disharmony and even anti-social acts....


Saral Vaastu for an effective Career Graph

Starting a Career is one of the most important phases in an individual’s life. Every youth, after finishing up his / her studies, wishes to utilize and reap the fruits of his/ her merits in the academic field to actually earn a livelihood for oneself and one’s immediate family...

Saral Vaastu

Saral Vaastu for Relationship

A very important part in our traditional family structure, relationships, however varied in nature, right from husband and wife, brother and sister, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts, close friends, acquaintances, neighbors play a very important part in our everyday life...

Saral Vaastu

Saral Vaastu for Creativity

Some people have a very creative bend of mind and exercise their creativity and innovation to start a new business venture by investing huge amount of money, thus taking a very dicey leap which may ricochet back on them causing tremendous financial losses...

Saral Vaastu

Saral Vaastu for Marriage

Marriage is an important phase of everyone’s life. In the traditional family structure it is imperative that everybody should go through the ‘Grahastra Ashrama’ or enjoy a conjugal life. The responsibility of finding a 'Suitable Match' falls on the parents, guardians, relatives etc. Nowadays young people prefer to search their matrimonial preference on the internet through various matrimonial sites, social media sites as well as advertising in the newspapers and magazines...

Saral Vaastu

Saral Vaastu for Education

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, each and every parent or guardian is really concerned about the educational prospects of his child and ward. Every student wants to score the highest so as to get success in their respective exams, or get admission in reputable schools, colleges or institutions of higher learning. In this rat race many get the desired results or many do not succeed at all, sometimes failing miserably...

Saral Vaastu

Saral Vaastu for Court legal issues

In today’s world, acrimony, antagonism, difference of opinion, animosity towards others, are things that we cannot avoid but encounter and face every day. It not only does affects the mental peace and harmony of an individual, but inadvertently engulfs the whole family as well as people connected with the household. In turn, it also brings in notoriety and ill-repute to the family and demeans the members of the family too, in the society’s eye...

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