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Importance of Favorable Directions If the main door of your house or workplace does not come in favorable directions, then you tend to lose everything i.e. health, wealth, prosperity, relationship and fame. Even if the main door comes under second, third and fourth unfavorable direction, it gives bad results. It could cause negative impacts such […]

House Plans Saral House Plans are Vastu Compliant House Plans created by Vastu experts by applying Saral Vaastu principles to custom and beautiful floor plans. About Saral Vaastu Vastu Shastra is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and cosmic energy. Saral Vaastu is a proven scientific solution, which is based […]

Jeevan Samasya Mukt Gram Yojana Jeevan Samasya Mukt Gram Yojana is a great Initiative envisioned by Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for the better of mankind. Under ‘Jeevan Samasya Mukt Gram Yojana’ program villages are adopted by CG Parivar and every member of the village will be given Saral Vaastu to their Home. Saral Vaastu will […]

Our Vastu Advice Vastu for Home – Make your Home a Heaven Importance of Directions in your Home Starting a Career is one of the most important phases in an individual’s life. Every youth, after finishing up his / her studies… Read more… Vastu Advice for an effective Career Boost your Careers with Vaastu Starting […]

About Saral Vaastu Vision To deliver and implement Vastu, in order to bring in “POSITIVE AURA & ENERGY”, across the globe, wherein millions of people can be benefited in their personal lives as well as at their jobs. Objective To propagate the Principles of Saral Vaastu throughout the world for a happy, contented and prosperous living. […]

Vastu Tips Vastu Tips for Home No obstacle in front of Main Door According to Vastu tips, the main entrance of the house brings positive energy. Designing and placing the main entrance and frame is an essential part of a house construction. As advised by Saral Vaastu, there should not by any kind of obstacle […]

Vastu for Hospital Hospitals in the public sector of governance in India, present a very dismal state of affairs, where even basic hygienic factors are not even taken into consideration leading to a high number of deaths. Since the poor and marginalized sections could not afford the high cost of private nursing services, they have […]

Vastu for Corporates Saral Vaastu provides the best Vastu advice for Corporates to bring a remarkable positive change by taking care critical elements in an office such as position of department, Directors, Seating position and directions of key members of the staff. The commercial world of business and commerce totally is dependent on Profits as […]

How Saral Vaastu Works Saral Vaastu is a Predication oriented unique Scientific Vastu Solution that works based on the house, Family Head’s Date of Birth and Gender. The head of the family posses four favorable directions and four unfavorable directions. Certain Elements in the house for example Main Door shall be in one of the […]