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Uttar Pradesh was one of the home of ultra powerful empires of ancient and medieval India. Uttar Pradesh, well known for its heritage in historical monuments from the medieval age and places of spiritual significance. These monuments had Vastu compliant intent. Vastu Consultants in Uttar Pradesh Among the leading Vastu Experts in India, we maintain stellar…

Vastu Consultants in Rajasthan

It’s stated you will discover more historical past in Rajasthan in comparison with the rest of India merged. Introducing the Land of the Kings, a seemingly magical arena of maharajas along with their breathtaking forts and opulent castles. India is full of luxurious palaces with a strong Vastu intent, but not anywhere should you find…

I am a businessman but since the last many years, there have been problems and disturbances creeping up in my business and my relationship with my family members and relatives has also deteriorated. Having tried all means but with no visible results, I was really exasperated and at my wits end.

I contacted many Vaastu experts, but everybody recommended doing breakages and renovations in my house which I did not like. Later one day, while watching a program on ETV Marathi channel, on Saral Vaastu, I decided to go in for Saral Vaastu services done at my place. I came to know that Saral Vaastu is such a procedure that is completely based on Scientific Outlook, in which there is no breakage or renovation involved and the Vaastu inspection is done without them as, has been my own experience.

As soon as the Saral Vaastu expert came to my house, he told me all about the ‘important places’ in my house, my auspicious and my favorite color, number, favorite direction etc. Then he advised me how to go about getting Saral Vaastu done at my place in detail. In just a few months of doing ‘Saral Vaastu’, my family became happy, full of peace and tranquility and all the problems afflicting my household, began to dissipate slowly but steadily. My relationship with my relatives and acquaintances, improved by leaps and bounds. Even many pending work or assignments related to my busines,s also materialized suddenly in the form of finished work. Due to Saral Vaast my life became very happy, content and eventful, the credit for my success in all spheres, solely goes to Saral Vaastu and Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji, to whom I express my since gratitude and thankfulness.

Sri Yashwant Pawar Family

(Ghodbunder Road, Thane (W)

Sri Yashwant Pawar

I saw a programme related to Saral Vaastu on some T. V. Channel and made up my mind that I will take and inculcate Saral Vaastu at my home or place because it is based on Scientific Outlook completely. There is no superstition or superstitious thought involved. When the Saral Vaastu expert came to my place, he told me that there is no breakages or renovation involved as I was quite apprehensive about it. He also told me about the remedial solution involved and how to go about it. The expert informed me about my unfavorable and favorable directions as well as how to incorporate Saral Vaastu materials at my home, so as to get maximum benefits out of them.

Listening to his advice, I decided to get Saral Vaast for my home and in a very short time, I was able to get maximum benefits out of it, very pleasant experiences I had too, as my relationship with all my relatives and acquaintances improved considerably. My economic condition improved as I was able to make considerable profits. The most noticeable thing was that my life became very pleasant and happy for which I would like to give full credit to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji and his Saral Vaastu principles towards whom, I will remain forever indebted and grateful.

Sri And Srimati

Prabhu Chandrakant Hiremath

(Businessman, Pune)

Sri Prabhu Chandrakant Hiremath

My son-in- law told me to get Saral Vaastu done. On his recommendation, I got the Saral Vaastu expert at my home and got the Vaastu Defects relating inspection done. The Saral Vaastu expert then told me all about the Saral Vaastu based simple, scientific solutions that are totally based on the principles and perspective of science. He also gave me the full procedural details about implementing Saral Vaastu at my home.

The Saral Vaastu expert then went on to tell me about my financial, wealth, relationship, good health related ‘Places’ based on my favorite direction and Date of Birth. He elaborated that there won’t be any breakages or renovations in my houses . After that he told me that ten Vaastu related materials would have to be incorporated in the household. Based on his suggestions, I agreed to do the needful. In a very short time ,there developed a very pleasant and favorable atmosphere at home, my business saw much profit and growth as well as better development.

Through the inculcation and adoption of Saral Vaastu at home / workplaces / establishment, each and every human being would be able to make his life worth-living as well as full of happiness. This is my ardent wish that everybody should get Saral Vaastu done at home for ushering in immense prosperity, good health, wealth, peace and tranquility at home and outside and for this noble gesture I am forever indebted to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji who through his Saral Vaastu related efforts, has made this impossible thing possible, as a mark of service to humanity.

Sri & Smt. Ghanshyam H. Kapuriya

(Andheri, Mumbai)

Sri & Smt. Ghanshyam H. Kapuriya

After watching the Saral Vaastu program on IBN LOKMAT News Channel, I decided to avail of Saral Vaastu services at my home . The Saral Vaastu expert came to my home and after doing his inspection, told me all about the Vaastu related problems at my household. The Saral Vaastu expert told me all about the importance and meaning of all the directions and their significance.

The expert further informed me about how Saral Vaastu is based on procedures, related to scientific perspective and principles. In his words,“Saral Vaastu has been invented in such a manner that its Vaastu does not involve any kind of breakages or renovations.

Saral Vaastu is such a simple, easy to understand and adopt, purely science based methodology that it is widely used by common people and utilized by the masses in general without any distinction. It is for the service of all humanity. After the implementation of Saral Vaastu at my place, my son’s studies and education progressed tremendously, my workplace as well as my home, both developed very conducive and pleasant atmosphere for my mental peace and tranquility. For this very reason, I wish to convey my full gratefulness and thanks to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for his initiative and efforts in making Saral Vaastu reachable to all.

Sri Ganesh Shamrao Mhaske Family

(Service, Pune)

Sri Ganesh Shamrao Mhaske

Since the last many years, there seemed to be some Vaastu based problems or defects, occurring in my household , the most important being the non-settling of my daughter’s marriage . Tired and worried about the unnecessary delay, I decided to call the Saral Vaastu expert to inspect my whole household to locate any Vaastu defect, hindering the solemnization of the marriage.

The Saral Vaastu expert did the full inspection of my dwelling for pinpointing the exact Vaastu Defect and informed me that the main fault lies with the Main Door of the house and I have to change the position of the main door of the house, to remove the Vaastu defect in the household. The expert also told about the auspicious color for my daughter, auspicious number, favorite direction etc based on her Date of Birth. She followed the best direction while sitting for the bride inspection and after may days of doing this, her marriage was fixed in one of these sittings .

It gave me great pleasure that before my retirement, I was able to get my daughter married and she is very happy after her marriage, this is what I have come to know. This is the biggest satisfaction for me. Even my son, now says that his business is earning good profits and his son is also able to put full concentration and energy to build and expand his business that he was not able to do earlier as his heart and soul were not into the job. His colleagues now praise him as his behavior towards others has improved tremendously while earlier he has destroyed all his relationship with others. Due to the invention of Saral Vaastu , all the people have been able to enjoy the benefits of Saral Vaastu by personally experiencing it in their life, homes and workplaces. I am very indebted and grateful towards Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for his invention of Saral Vaastu that is being used for the service of mankind in India and abroad.

Sri Dhanesh Shetty Family

(Shahpur , Thane)

Sri Dhanesh Shetty

For the last 5 years, I have been engaged in dairy business, but I have not been getting that kind of profits that I should naturally get. To get over this I decided to take the advice of my elder brother who asked me to go in for Saral Vaastu service, to find out the Vaastu related defects. He also advised me to avail and fully implement the full procedure under the Saral Vaastu defects cure.

The Saral Vaastu expert as soon as he came to my farm as well as to my home for inspection, he told me about the importance of all the Directions . On his advice, I decided to go for all the Vaastu material inculcation, according to the list given to me by the expert.

Further the expert informed me about my favorite direction for sleeping, remaining awake, working, sitting, studying and doing sundry daily things as usual; based on my individual Date of Birth. He also dwelt upon my favorite color, favorite number, apart from my favorite Direction.

Having followed all the experts direction in total, inculcating the Saral Vaastu materials in the entire household, I realized in no time that an amazing change is taking place in my life gradually. The changes in all spheres of my life, those that have never taken place howsoever much I wished, are now happening with such frequency as if by magic. My Dairy Business improved tremendously by leaps and bounds, rather amazingly, as the changes that I have always wished to gain maximum profit through it but that has never truly materialized; due to the blessings of Guruji and his Saral Vaastu, suddenly began to happen and I was able to make grand profits that has earlier never ever happened, during my last five years of business. Development in my business continued at a rapid pace, I planted more banana and coconut plantations due to which, the prosperity quotient rose in my family and my life as well as the life of my family members became very happy, full of extreme satisfaction.

Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji has given me the soundest advice of my life that nobody else has ever given, for which I will remain forever grateful to him as he has really turned the tide of my life to a higher end fortunately, as I have given up on the prosperity and happiness of my family, before inculcating his Saral Vaastu principles in my life for good . I will remain forever indebted to Guruji and his Saral Vaastu, for having turned my life into a worthy, prosperous, peaceful and tranquil one that I have never in my life envisaged before or even dreamt of.

Sri Vivek Gonsalves Family

(businessman, Vasai, Dist. – Thane)

Sri Vivek Gonsalves