Saral Vaastu Chart

Get your personal Saral Vaastu chart & Analyse how compatible is your House, Workplace and Business with your Favorable Directions, Unfavorable Directions, Favorable Colors, Unfavorable Colors, Lucky Number, Directions for Study, Relation and Health


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Saral Vaastu Chart is nothing but a personalized chart that talks about the various influences in your life, favorably or unfavorably, based on your date of birth.

When your Saral Vaastu Chart is prepared, you are informed about your favorable influences, such as directions, colors, and numbers. So, during various activities like studying, purchasing a plot etc. When you follow the influences as per your Saral Vaastu Chart, you will see and experience successful results. A Saral Vaastu chart can also analyze a house floor plan according to your favorable directions which decide the positioning of the main entrance and other rooms of your house.

Each direction examines different aspects of your energy and thus, yields different information. So, when you start facing your favorable direction, it activates your chakras in that direction in sync with yours. Not just directions, but Saral Vaastu Chart defines your favorable color and number as well. These favorable directions, colors and the number will help you to gain more influence in your life by the means of career, business, wealth, and health. Even though the Vastu is ancient and complex, a Vastu expert can help you to easily understand its dynamics and how they interact on a practical level. 

Given below is a short information on how does this favorable direction, colors, etc. influence your life.


Everyone has four ‘auspicious’ or ‘favorable’ directions based on their date of birth; which help you synchronize your inner energy with the outer energy in order to open up your 7 chakras. E.g. By sleeping with your head pointed to your favorable direction, you will be blessed with a good physical condition.


When you seem to have undesirable results even after your complete efforts, know that you are in your ‘inauspicious’ or ‘unfavorable’ direction. Unfavorable directions may lead to illness, loss of money and health, and many unexpected problems. So if you find life is not smooth at all, check if you have been facing your unfavorable directions for a long time in workplace or house with the help of a Vastu expert and Saral Vaastu chart.


Your favorable color increases your aura and makes it more powerful; it also brings out your personality and allows you to stand out in the crowd and even painting your house with your favorable colors will bring luck and success other than creating a positive environment.


According to Vastu, you have favorable colors that support you, and unfavorable colors that drain your energy. Wearing unfavorable colors reduces the impact of your aura and doesn’t bring out your personality more powerfully and effectively.


Wearing the mix and match of the color or neutral color keep your aura impartially intact without any harm.


The energy of numbers always helps in understanding your own development and growth. During the purchase of a vehicle or a flat or any other such possession, you need your lucky number in a long run as per your Vastu chart.

If you wish to concentrate on few more areas of your life, then provided below are some of the further explanation of why a Saral Vaastu Chart is important for your life.

Saral Vaastu here provides you with your personalized Saral Vaastu Chart. Once you fill up your required details i.e. name, gender, and date of birth; these details are then analyzed and you are provided with your personalized Saral Vaastu Chart.

A Saral Vaastu chart makes you understand your favorable directions, color, and numbers. Although the information on the chart is easy to implement, it is the result of centuries of study. There are many ways that you could follow the Saral Vaastu Chart as per your convenience and suggestion of Saral Vaastu expert. Saral Vaastu Chart teaches that you should choose your favorable color, numbers, etc. to have good influence on you and your life.