Ajna Chakra, also known as the third eye chakra or the brow chakra is the sixth primary chakra of the human body. It is also known as the Inner Eye Chakra or the sixth chakra. It is called the third eye chakra because it helps to perceive the reality of Self by opening the eye of knowledge.

This chakra is symbolically represented as a Lotus with two petals and is the dividing line between human consciousness (perception, clarity and wisdom) and the divine. The energy imparted by this chakra allows clear thought, self reflection and spiritual awareness. Ajna chakra is denoted by the color indigo, and its mantra is OM

Ajna Chakra location

Ajna chakra location is between the eyebrows, slightly above the bridge of the nose. It is also said to be located behind the eyes and in the middle of the head. Traditionally, women wear a bindi and men apply tilak in the forehead to activate or symbolize the chakra.

Organs and Diseases Associated with Ajna Chakra

The main organs governed by the Ajna chakra are eyes, ears, nose, brain and nervous system. The functions of the pituitary and pineal glands are also governed by this chakra.

Some of the physical problems associated with an imbalanced Ajna Chakra are frequent headaches, sinus and vision problems. Other issues include stubbornness, high temper and nightmares.

Problems Caused by a Closed or Imbalanced Ajna Chakra

Overactive Ajna Chakra:
An overactive Ajna chakra results in overactive imagination, far from reality. Because of this a person with an overactive Ajna chakra lives in a fantasy world and is frequently bothered by nightmares. People have troubles recollecting a memory of events, and have a rigid mindset. Such people are easily distracted, affected by anxiety, and have a judgmental and unsympathetic attitude.

Underactive Ajna Chakra:
A person with an underactive or inactive Ajna chakra will generally have a poor memory, learning problems and find it difficult to visualize and imagine things. He/she lacks intuition, becomes insensitive towards others, and lives in denial. In some cases people close this chakra to protect them from unpleasant memories.

Benefits of a Balanced Ajna Chakra

Those with a balanced Ajna chakra are charismatic and intuitive. Through their serenity they see things clearly and accept others without getting judgmental. They realize the meaning of life by thinking symbolically. When the third eye chakra is balance people find it easy to remember and interpret their dreams, and have a good memory.

Ajna Chakra Opening

  • Ajna chakra opening can be done by closing the eyes and focusing on positive thoughts of your life including career, relationships, happiness, etc. that you envision for yourself.
  • While meditating, make use of essential oils of marjoram, angelic root, patchouli, etc. This a form of aromatherapy for the third eye chakra Purple or indigo colored gemstones like Amethyst, Sodalite, and Azurite balance the Ajna chakra.
  • Make changes in the home as per Saral Vaastu and focus on the science of directions.
  • Have an open mind to accept situations as they come and visualize its simplicity.
  • Consume food items rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins to improve the brain’s cognition ability. Some of the foods to consume are as follows: strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, fatty fishes (salmon), etc.