How Vastu will have an impact on your career?

Starting a Career is one of the most important phases in an individual’s life. Every youth, after finishing up his / her studies, wishes to utilize and reap the fruits of his/ her merits in the academic field to actually earn a livelihood for oneself and one’s immediate family.Some of the fortunate ones would like to be entrepreneurs or follow their family’s business.

The root cause of career down slide, lies in the scientific explanation, as given

Every house or work place has a Career place. When the Career place is affected, automatically there is a problem in career. If the main door or entrance of the house or workplace is in unfavorable direction, then it also affects the career growth in a substantial way. There can be implications such as not finding job, no salary hikes, no promotions and conflicts with Managers and Team members.

If the house or workplace’s entrance is in an unfavourable direction, then it will impact the career growth. If an individual or any youth, follows unfavorable directions at workplace or at the home then it may impact IQ and would lead to improper decision making as well as have an impact on the individual’s mental peace. It has been observed that very few individuals achieve success in their respective Career. Some may start with a seemingly solid career, but due to various reasons suffer career burn outs, very soon. Some of the people may suffer a sudden job loss. Similarly there could be ‘No Promotions’ given for deserving employees despite their working hard, employees getting no motivation or support from Supervisors. Loss of Job and loss of good reputation at work place or being shown the ‘pink slip’.

Even if we get a job, it will be difficult to get a promotion, irrespective of how many extra hours of hard work, unwavering loyalty and honesty, we put in our work.

How Saral Vaastu help in the career growth?

“Vastu for career” is an important concept of Saral Vaastu. Saral Vaastu suggests, ‘best career directions’ that gives positive effect to the improved chances of getting employed at the job and a career that would suit the job seeker. It also improves the job seekers confidence levels. Saral Vaastu offers helpful and easy remedies to channelize the positive energy and minimize the negative energy of the youth concerned as well as of his home or office, without any construction related breakages or alterations made in the house or the workplace. The Career Growth of an individual will increase by activating the 7 Chakras.

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