Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom

Toilets and bathrooms are places, where we wash and cleanse ourselves. These places are the sources of negative energy in your home. If toilets and bathrooms are not well-positioned in your home then it may lead to causing obstacles in life.

Saral Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom or Toilet Vastu identifies the causes of negative energies due to improper placement of toilets and bathrooms and other directional factors. Simple and easy to implement remedies are suggested for enhancing positive energies without any breakage or structural change.

Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet states that the door of the toilet should always be closed, the lid of toilet pot should remain closed, plants should be kept in the toilet, rock salt should be kept at the corners of the toilet etc

Toilet as per Vastu

In olden days, our ancestors built toilets outside the house because they knew the negative impact of  attached toilets on the family members. Now a days we construct the toilet inside the house. This physically and mentally impacts the family members. For such problems, Saral Vastu Principles helps to nullify the negative impact of the energy. Guruji says that “Toilet as per vastu should be built based on the individual date of birth”

5 Highly Effective Vastu Tips for Toilet & Bathroom:

As per Guruji’s , Saral Vastu Principles:

  • Construct toilet 1-2 feet higher than ground level
  • Colour of the toilet walls should prefer light colours
  • Avoid having a water closet, in the toilet, above or under pooja room, fire or bed place
  • Avoid toilets in the centre of the home
  • Toilets should not be near to the kitchen due to hygienic reasons

Saral Vaastu provides remedies of problems without any breakages or reconstruction of the house. So that family members have a healthy, peaceful, satisfied and content life with a ‘livable lifestyle’, rather than a forceful lifestyle thrust upon us by contemporary circumstance.

Common Myth’s for Vastu for Toilet & Bathroom

For 19 years, Guruji, thru Saral Vastu Principles, has created positive impact in the lives of millions of his followers.  According to Guruji, vastu shastra is based on date of birth of each individual and it is not a set of generic guidelines that is applicable to everyone.

As per “Guruji” following common myth’s must be debunked:

  • Toilet commode should be in North South alignment
  • While using the toilet pot, an individual should never faces East or West
  • Toilet should be constructed 2 feet higher than ground
  • Entrance door of the toilet should be in East or North wall
  • Water taps should be East , North or North East
  • Toilet should not be built in South East
  • The Toilet should never come in front of bathroom door