Q.1 Who is the founder of Saral Vaastu?

Saral Vaastu has been founded by Manav Guru, Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji. He has been showing the unique path to happiness to millions of his followers over the last 2 decades.Connect with Guruji I Follow the shown unique path I Receive whatever you want For more details visit https://www.manavguru.org

Q.2 Where do you adopt Saral Vaastu?

Saral Vaastu is to be adopted in your house (owned or rented). If you are having a business then you need to adopt in house and office to get full benefits.

Q.3 How does Saral Vaastu work?

Saral Vaastu provides a simple way in which you can connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy in your house or office. The guidance provided is unique and personalized based on an individual’s date of birth.

Q.4 Can Saral Vaastu be applied to rented property?

Saral Vaastu guidance is simple to adopt and can be implemented in owned or rented property.

Q.5 What should be the direction of main door?

The main door direction has to be as per the direction of the breadwinner of the family. To know your direction visit www.saralvaastu.com/vastu-for-entrance-and-main-door

Q.6 What should be the sleeping direction?

You should sleep with head resting in your direction for 6 – 8 hours. To know your direction visit www.saralvaastu.com

Q.7 How do I avail Saral Vaastu services?

  1. You can call us on +91 9739400311  or
  2. Visit our website www.saralvaastu.com or
  3. Download the Saral Vaastu app in the Google Play store.

Q.8 Can we ensure Saral Vaastu compliance by just having main door in appropriate direction?

Having the main door in your directions is one of the critical steps to ensure proper flow of cosmic energy in the house or office. We spend 2/3rd of our time in the house or office. Along with directions, you need to balance the energy in the house, have a good night sleep in your direction for 6 – 8 hours. This shall ensure proper channelization of energy through the 7 chakras of your body.

Q.9 What are the benefits of Saral Vaastu?

  1. Personalized guidance based on date of birth
  2. No structural changes
  3. Can be adopted in owned or rented premises
  4. Adopt once, benefit for life*
  5. Experience happiness and prosperity in 9 – 180 days

Note: * guidance given has to be sustained over time. If there is a change of house then you need to again ensure compliance of Saral Vaastu at the new location.

Q.10 In how many days can we expect results from Saral Vaastu?

Once you adopt 100% guidance given to you, you shall experience positivity in 9 – 180 days.

Q.11 How is Saral Vaastu different in comparison to other Vastu services?

Saral Vaastu guidance is personalized and is based on date of birth of individuals. The success mantra to lead a happy life is unique for each individual. You may have seen many examples where two brothers staying in the same house, one prospers and other does not.

Q.12 Is Saral Vaastu only for house or it can help solve life problems related to education, career, marriage, relationship, wealth, health?

Once you adopt Saral Vaastu, you shall be able to maintain proper flow of cosmic energy in your house or office. This enables each member of the family staying in the house to experience positivity in each of their life stage from education, career, marriage, relationship, wealth and health.