Vastu for Main Door

The main door direction is like the ‘mouth of human body’. The mouth allows the intake of food and nutrients for the sustenance of the body. If intake of food is not done properly, it will impact the whole body adversely.

Similarly if the main door of the house is not well-positioned it may lead to lot of life related problems to the householder and his family.

For example, if you are facing health issues or facing financial problems the reason could be your main door or main entrance not in a good direction.

Saral Vastu for main door analyzes the root cause of problems faced by the householders. The good directions of the resident is determined based on their date of birth.

Vastu for Entrance stands for the main gate for the compound. If entrance is in the T & L junction, it harms the peace of mind and impacts prosperity of those who are living in that house.

How to Check Your Main Door Direction

Adopt Saral Vastu and begin your
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