Importance of Bedroom in everyone’s life

Did you know relationship problems could be linked to the way your bedrooms are placed and the furniture and items placed in it? Are you having regular quarrels with your family members? Is your relationship with a spouse not harmonious or are there disturbances in your married life?

Don’t blame yourself or anybody. The root cause of it may be in your bedroom or the interior set up of it. Saral Vastu for bedrooms helps to diagnose the root cause of your relationship issues. Our experts look at the floor plan of your house and the interior set up. Based on these observations, they figure out the causes that disturb the free flow of natural energy in your bedroom, impacting your happiness and well-being.

Vastu for Bedroom also known as Vastu Shastra for Bedroom involves the direction of the bed, various items that we place in the bedroom, the position of the toilet door etc. The columns, beams, corners and furniture should not have the sharp edges.

Highly Effective Vastu Tips for Bedroom

  • Your bedroom should be built to experience peace and amicability.
  • Maintain the tidiness in the bedroom.
  • The photo of aggressive animals or beings should not be present. Bedroom should also not have any pictures / idols of Gods and Goddesses in ‘terrifying aggressive poses’.
  • There shouldn’t be any obstructions while entering in the bedroom.
  • Bed should not be right below the beam.
  • The Bed room should not be in uneven shape (eg Circle, Semicircle, Octagonal, Pentagonal etc).
  • The Bed Room shape should be in square or rectangle.
  • Light and soothing colours on your bedroom walls.
  • Mirror should not be in front of the bed room door because it rebounds the energy.
  • Wardrobe should not obstruct the entry of the door also Do not place mirror in-front of your bed. It’s considered inauspicious.
  • Don’t put aquarium or plants inside bedroom.
  • The corner of your bedroom must not have windows or entrance; this will introduce a positive energy and will discharge all the negativity in the house.
  • Avoid placing the Pooja Ghar (Worship Place).
  • Square and rectangle shaped beds are regarded as an ideal place for achieving peace and concordance.
  • Vastu advices sleeping with your head positioned towards your most favourable direction.

Now a days most of the Bedrooms include attached toilet. According to Master Bedroom Vastu, the door of the toilet should always be closed.

Bed Position as Per vastu

In general, people think that bed position as per vastu should be in EAST or SOUTH side.

As per Guruji’s Saral Vastu Principles, the position of the bed is based on the individual’s date of birth.
It helps to enhance the 7 Chakras channelizing with the cosmic energy

Sleeping direction as per Saral Vastu

The direction of bed must be determined based on the date of birth of the individual who will be sleeping on that bed.

How Vastu will have an impact on your bedrooms?

Bedrooms are of significant concern as per Vastu. The atmosphere of your bedroom is supposed to be soothing and relaxing in order to sleep well. Relying on correct Vastu for bedroom is important to maintain peace and harmony in that place, as you retire from your worries and sleep without any tension.

Vastu for bedrooms guarantees sound sleep which is crucial to lead an anxiety-free living. Vastu considers several variables while building and outlining rooms. There are several guidelines in the science and methodology of Vastu to create healthy vibes in your bedroom and create positivity around you.

In general, everyone think that the right position of the bedroom is on SOUTH WEST

As per Guruji’s Saral Vastu Principles, the position of the bedroom is based on the individual’s date of birth. For example, it may happen that based on Rajesh’s Date of Birth, the right position of bedroom is EAST but as per Shyam’s date of birth the right position of bedroom is SOUTH WEST

Common Myth’s for Vastu for Bedroom

For 19 years, Guruji, thru Saral Vastu Principles, has created positive impact in the lives of millions of his followers.

According to Guruji, vastu shastra is based on date of birth of each individual and it is not a set of generic guidelines that is applicable to everyone.

For example in a house father might have earned lot of wealth and fame, but living in the same house, his son might lose all the money and fame.

As per “Guruji” following common myth’s must be debunked:

  • Master bedroom can only be used by married couples
  • Attached bathroom should be in WEST or NORTH Side
  • Bed should not face the bathroom directly
  • SOUTH wall entrance must be avoided
  • Bedroom door must be of single shutter
  • EAST and NORTH walls are good for bedroom windows
  • SOUTH WEST corner of the bedroom is best place for wardrobes
  • Dressing table must be placed in the NORTH or EAST WALL
  • Bedroom should not be in SOUTH EAST direction
  • TV or Electrical instruments should not be placed in Bedroom