Vastu for Pooja Room

Pooja room as per vastu helps to energize ‘Ajna Chakra’ for knowledge & intelligence and ‘Sahasra Chakra’ for better health , good bonding among family members and peaceful life.

The place that is most sacred and auspicious in your home is the Pooja room or the Prayer room. It is a place where one finds peace of mind. This is a place where we offer prayers to God for fulfilment of our wishes. Hence any kind of negativity around this auspicious place could impact our well-being, luck, prosperity and success.

Vastu for Pooja Room also known as Vastu Shastra for Pooja Room involves placement of idols, direction of worshiping place and various items that are placed in the pooja room.

Saral Vastu for pooja room clears negative energies and also enhances positive energies by making simple and easy to implement solutions.

Pooja Room is one of those several things that should be taken care of according to Vastu as it is one of the major sources of positive energy. The correct placement of Pooja Room Vastu not only brings positivity, but also helps in meditating and relaxing.

7 Most Effective Vastu Tips for Pooja Room:

As per Guruji’s , Saral Vastu Principles:

  1. The shape of the Pooja room slab should be Dome or Pyramid so that cosmic energy is uniformly distributed
  2. Avoid placing Pooja Chamber in your bedroom or wall adjacent to your bedroom
  3. The Pooja Room should not touch bathroom and toilets
  4. The pooja room should not be below bath room or toilet
  5. Do not keep dustbin or any kind of dirt inside or near the Pooja room
  6. Never keep broken idols or images of God
  7. The idols should not be kept on the floor, instead idol must be kept on a raised platform

Common Myth’s for Vastu for Pooja Room

For 19 years, Guruji, thru Saral Vastu Principles, has created positive impact in the lives of millions of his followers.  According to Guruji, vastu shastra is based on date of birth of each individual and it is not a set of generic guidelines that is applicable to everyone. For example in a house one family might have earned lot of healthy and happy life, but living in the same house, next generation family might lose all the money and fame and face multiple health issues.

As per “Guruji” following common myth’s must be debunked:

  1. We should not keep idols in the worship room.
  2. We should face NORTH or EAST while performing the prayers or worshipping
  3. If we need to keep idols then the height of the idol should not be more than certain height eg 9 cm/inch and less than 2 cm/inch
  4. Yellow and White or blue is the right color for pooja room walls
  5. Length of the idol must be at the chest level of the person who is worshipping
  6. The direction of the Agnikund must be in the SOUTH EAST
  7. In factories, the pooja ghar must be at the center

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