Anahata Chakra (meaning unbeaten or unstuck) or the heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra in the human body. It governs the deep bonds shared with others and the seat for unconditional love. Since love is considered to be a healing power, this chakra is also considered the healing centre. The characteristics instilled by a balanced or open Anahata chakra is altruism, love for self and others, forgiveness, compassion, and happiness. It has the power to fulfill desires and if the chakra is well balanced and pure the desires are fulfilled quickly.

This chakra is symbolically represented by a Lotus with twelve petals (signifying the twelve divine attributes of the heart). Its mantra is YAM and color is green.

Anahata Chakra Location

It is located at the centre of the chest (or between the breasts).

Organs and Diseases Associated with Anahata Chakra

his chakra largely governs the function of the heart and lungs. It is also associated with skin, arms, circulatory system, immune system and the Thymus gland.

The physical manifestations of a closed Anahata chakra are heart disorders including palpitations, failure and high/low blood pressure, and lung cancer and breast cancer. Allergies, fever, asthma, tuberculosis and chest congestion are also some of the diseases due to non-functioning heart chakra.

Problems Caused by a Closed or Imbalanced Anahata Chakra

Overactive Anahata Chakra:
When this chakra is overactive an individual feels overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotions (including anger, sadness, jealousy, happiness, etc.). The love becomes conditional and leads to possessiveness. People are not able to see when a relationship has reached a dead end, or they continue to live in an abusive relationship.

Underactive Anahata Chakra:
When this chakra is underactive or inactive an individual does not let love within, leading to self-loathing and pity and feelings of unworthiness. People tend to become judgmental, and blame everyone else for failures.

Benefits of a Balanced Anahata Chakra

A balanced chakra enables a person to love unconditionally, and show true compassion and self-acceptance which allows them to love and accept others; such people are altruistic in nature. A person with a truly opened and pure Anahata chakra even experiences spirituality through lovemaking.

Anahata Chakra Opening

  • The primary method to open the heart chakra is to love oneself unconditionally. Only through loving and appreciating oneself can a person love others.
  • Meditating on a specific chakra is the best way to open them. Poses in yoga such as Garudaasana (or the Eagle pose) and Gomukhasana (or the Cow pose) opens the Anahata Chakra
  • While meditating, visualize the color green near the heart region. Meditating can also be done wearing green clothes or in a green-colored room. Another option is to meditate in a surrounding of green plants and trees.
  • Walking barefoot or lying on green grass is good for the fourth chakra.
  • Wearing gemstones or placing green colored crystals balances this Chakra. These include jade, peridot, emerald, green jasper, rose quartz, etc.
  • Sleeping in a person’s favorable direction in a Vaastu compliant room (house) awakens the chakras.
  • Aromatherapy includes applying essential oils (preferably while meditating) like eucalyptus, Cedar wood, patchouli, etc.
  • Food items for the heart chakra include green apple, green vegetables, limes, cucumber, etc.