Personalised Guidance based on Date of Birth

Get connected with Guruji and seek guidance on your unique path to happiness. The guidance is personalized and revolves around date of birth of breadwinner and of the other family members staying in the house or running the business.

Implement in any property type (owned or rented)

The guidance given to you can be implemented easily in owned or rented house or office. Implementing and sustaining the suggestions shall bring positivity in the life of your entire family or your business.

No structural changes

The guidance does not suggest nor include any structural changes in your house or office. The suggestions are easy to implement.

Attract Prosperity & Happiness

By implementing and sustaining the guidance given to you, you and your family or your business shall experience happiness / growth and can overcome from different problems.

Adopt once, benefit for lifetime

You need to adopt once in your house or business and benefit from happiness and prosperity in the life of your entire family or your business. If you change the house or office, you can contact us back so that you can continue to attract happiness and prosperity in your lives or your business.