How to check main door direction?

Directions, ‘favorable’ or ‘unfavorable’, are based on the Date of Birth of a person. Each person has got four suitably ‘auspicious’ directions and four ‘inauspicious’ ones. If either the north or the east suits a person, then it is possible to derive prosperity from houses or establishments, facing these directions.

Saral Vaastu Chart provides you favorable directions based on your date of birth. If the main door of your house or workplace does not come in favorable directions, then you tend to lose everything i.e. health, wealth, prosperity, relationship and fame. Even if the main door comes under second, third and fourth unfavorable direction, it gives bad results. It could cause negative impacts such as loss in business, disturbance in family, court matters, health problems etc.

However, the good news is that the popular science of Saral Vaastu has a solution for every problem. It is both practical and applicable, a universal solution to all our problems. It does not required any structural changes to your house such as reconstruction of Main Door, etc. Through the right Implementation of Saral Vaastu, one can overcome the negative impacts of Vastu Defects as the Saral Vaastu remedies suppress the negative energy and boosts the positive energy in and around the house.