Manipura Chakra also known as the Solar plexus chakra and Navel chakra is the third primary chakra in the human body. ‘Mani’ means pearl and ‘pura’ means city, and Manipura mean pearls of wisdom (it also means shimmering gem and pertains to wisdom and health). The pearls or jewels contained in this chakra are self-confidence and self-assurance, happiness, clarity of thoughts, knowledge and wisdom, and correct decisions making capability. This chakra is considered the centre of vitality which maintains the energy balance within the body. It governs the will and instills respect for self and others.

It is symbolically represented by a lotus with ten petals, which signify the ten vital forces that maintains and strengthens the health. Manipura chakra is also represented by a downward pointing triangle signifying the spread of positive energy. It is represented by the fire element and the color yellow. Yellow signifies energy and intellect.

This chakra is located at the navel centre below the rib cage.

The Manipura chakra mainly controls the functioning of the Pancreas and digestive system (where the food turns into energy). It also regulates the stomach, liver and large intestine.

The physical issues caused due to an imbalanced Manipura chakra are digestive disorders, indigestion, diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycemia, ulcers, circulatory disease and addiction to food stimulant. Emotional issues are tiredness or over activeness, and having a quiet and timid nature or an aggressive nature.

  • Overactive Manipura Chakra:
    Those with an overactive third chakra have an aggressive and superior attitude, are over energetic and need to be in control all the time. Their nature would be judgmental and temperamental. Bosses with an overactive chakra tend to be workaholics and control their employees through intimidation.
  • Underactive Manipura Chakra:
    These people lack self-confidence, self-esteem and have emotional issues. They have a timid and nervous nature, and have the fear of failure hence seek the approval of others in every matter. They shy away from making decision and have feelings of insecurity.

A person with a balanced Manipura chakra is strong and confident and even move out of the comfort zone to meet the goals. This person loves and respects self and others and has good leadership qualities.

  • To open this chakra, meditate focusing on the navel region and visualizing the color yellow originating there. Wearing yellow color clothes or sitting in a yellow room while meditating is also advisable. This chakra can also be energized in sunshine.
  • Yoga poses such as Ustrasana (or the camel pose), Bhujangasana (or the cobra pose) and Bitilasana (or the cow pose) activates the Manipura chakra
  • Applying essential oils such as lemon and Citronella at specific places
  • Making the home Vaastu perfect and following the science of directions while sleeping, studying, working, etc. recharges the chakras.
  • Physical or energetic activities like dancing, sports, exercises, etc. is said to open this chakra.
  • Wearing yellow colored gemstones or placing yellow crystals is another method to open this chakra. These stones include yellow citrine, topaz, etc.
  • Yellow food items including sunflower seeds, chamomile, turmeric, etc. balances the Solar Plexus Chakra.