We are the leading Vastu Consultants in Thane that seeks to spread happiness in the society through our unique and scientific Vastu tips and Vastu remedies. We provide a range of Vastu related service from online consultation, personal visit to seminars and infotainment. Our aim is to provide you with effective, quality service through unique and scientific Vastu remedies and solutions based on a thorough assessment of Vastu without any structural changes.

The basis of our recommendations and remedies is the individual’s date of birth and the four sciences of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakra. We offer Vastu consultancy in Thane for residential and commercial premises and our solutions help them make their spaces the centre of positive energy driving away the negative elements. Our clients consistently report a high level of satisfaction and benefits as a result of our service.

We have a dedicated team of Vastu consultants with in-depth knowledge of Vastu to offer the best kind of guidance catering to all kinds of requirements. All associated with this noble venture are today working for a common objective, i.e. the Betterment of Mankind. There are very few who use nothing more than Vastu Chart but thankfully, our Vastu experts know far more Vastu and can give very specific advice to help you achieve the results which you are seeking.