Vastu for factories also applies to mills, industries (both small-scale and large-scale), manufacturing plants and sheds, etc. Regardless of the overall size of a factory, the application of Vastu Shastra before its construction, or during renovation is mandatory. Following Vastu for factories helps avoid administration issues, labor issues, monetary problems, pollution control, taxation, etc. To reduce such issues in the factory it is only advisable to construct it as per Vastu for factory guidelines. Ideally, Vastu should be in the picture right when a plot is purchased for construction. However, it is never too late to apply Vastu in a factory. It can be done in a fully constructed and equipped factory.

Even a well-structured and planned factory does not ensure the owner’s success, wealth, health, and labor problems. Vastu for factories protects the owner. The main aspect while applying Vastu in a factory environment is its construction site. However, Vastu modifications can still be applied if the owner wishes to.

Check Out the Below Questions if You Are the Owner of a Factory:

  • Do you feel that the output of the factory is not meeting your requirements?
  • Do you find your marketing initiatives floundering?
  • Are there regular labor issues in the factory?
  • Are your employees not coming up with creative ideas?
  • Are your employees not motivated enough to work to their full potential?

  • Do you find dullness and lethargy in the factory workers?
  • Are their frequent fights between your employees or management?

These are some of the common issues that trouble the owner of a factory. Saral Vaastu provides expert guidance on Vastu for factory before and after the construction of a factory. Saral Vaastu emphasizes on the direction of various sections of the factory. The favorable direction of the owner is also taken into consideration while designing the factory. Other aspects considered are as below:

  • Location of the beams
  • Placement of stairs
  • Location of septic tank
  • Direction of toilets
  • Placement of workshop, marketing room, owner’s room, and kitchen
  • Direction of main entrance door
  • Placement of overhead water tank
  • Placement and direction of cashbox and cupboard
  • Placement of electrical equipment
  • Direction and placement of raw and finished goods
  • Location of septic tank
  • Direction and placement of heavy machinery, etc.

Apart From These, There Are Some Vastu Tips for a Factory That Can Be Implemented to See a Positive Growth in a Factory:

  • Always keep the factory well-lit. A dark factory causes gloominess and makes the employees lethargic.
  • The front door should be able to open fully and should not have any clutter near it. A front door that can be opened fully represents the movement of positive energy.
  • Placement of suitable Vastu items near machinery helps absorb the negative energy.
  • Excessive open area within the premises is bad Vastu
  • The shape of the plot and the factory should be square or rectangle. Plots with other shapes are a strict no as per Vastu.
  • Choose Vastu colors while painting the owner’s cabin, meeting rooms, staff rooms, etc.

Since the Vastu for factory deals largely with direction and placement, it is impossible to understand it without the expert guidance of a renowned Vastu consultancy. Saral Vaastu and its highly trained team specialize in choosing a plot for the construction of a factory, offer consultancy services while developing/constructing the factory, and recommend Vastu modifications to an already established factory. To know more call us on +91 9739400311