In today’s world, acrimony, antagonism, difference of opinion, animosity towards others, are things that we cannot avoid but encounter and face every day. It not only does affects the mental peace and harmony of an individual, but inadvertently engulfs the whole family as well as people connected with the household. In turn, it also brings in notoriety and ill-repute to the family and demeans the members of the family too, in the society’s eye.

If not solved amicably, these problems between human beings can escalate into cumbersome and ever dragging court cases, that may go on and on for years to, without any sign of redress.

Court cases of litigation going on endlessly

Every house or work place has a wisdom place. When the wisdom place is affected, automatically there is a problem in getting justice leading to court litigation.If the main door or entrance of the house or workplace is in unfavourable direction, then it also affects the wisdom process. Family disputes on property, succession rights, misinterpretation of will of inheritance etc.Property disputes and claims by second or third parties going in appeal against the Will. Litigation’s on property, civil and criminal cases pertaining to the families.

Rising criminal tendencies as a way to ‘settle issues’ once and for all, in the family and society. Hearing dates keep on adjourning, thus delaying the judgments.

How does Saral Vaastu help in the resolution of complicated court or litigation cases?

Saral Vaastu offers helpful and easy remedies to channelize the positive energy and minimize the negative energy without any construction related breakages or alterations made to the house or the work place, thus creating a positive aura in the house for the final judgment that will definitely favour the families concerned.

Saral Vaastu ‘s “vastu for legal issues” concept suggests, ‘best wisdom direction’ that gives positive effect to the improved chances of winning the pending court cases or solving the litigation process. It also improves the chances of getting over the court cases, once and for all.