Good management and friendly customer services are not the only two ingredients for your shop to earn fame and success. There are many more factors related to the success of your shops, such as proper construction and arrangement of the valuable furniture, design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry within the shop/showroom. These factors are essential for the success of the shop.

Apart from these vital factors, there is Vastu for shops that can help you and your shop to develop in many ways. You should organise your shop in such a way that it should fulfil the purpose of the customers. A well-managed shop is always well-recognized amongst the suppliers, distributors, and customers.

The concept of Vastu is important, even for the development of the shops. Vastu for shops makes the dwelling Vastu compliant by facilitating the flow of wealth into the shop and also enhances the experience of the customers.

Vastu for shops helps in removing the defects in the shop/showroom to increase the sales and encourage a better flow of wealth. A positive environment in any shop will grab the attention of customers. Proper construction and scientific arrangement of products within the shop will develop a comfortable atmosphere for the customers.

Vastu for shops has special principles which differ from person to person. Vastu expert suggests you with the Vastu solutions and remedies based on owner’s date of birth and derives the favourable direction, placement of cash counter and other objects in the shops. Vastu products are also available which can remove the ill-effects and bring prosperity to the business. Today, more and more people are getting aware of the efficiency of Vastu and are opting for it.

Informative Vastu tips can alter the damages while constructing new shops. They will also confirm the flow of positive energy to gain stability, peace, and growth.

Some Common Vastu Tips for Shop are as follows-

  • The owner of the shop must be seated facing his favourable direction.
  • The preferred plot of an interior of the shop or showroom must be rectangular or square.
  • The main entrance door of the shop must not be noisy and should not have any clutter nearby.
  • Place the cash counter in its favourable direction as suggested by the Vastu expert.
  • Try to keep your shop dust free to enhance the positive energy which attracts the attention of the customers.

There are many other Vastu tips available based on the shop’s floor plan. Saral Vastu considers all the principles of the shop along with its own Vastu methodology and Vastu remedies which ensure fame, success, and prosperity for your shops and showroom.

Based on the owner’s date of birth, they will create a floor plan accordingly, then after predictions, they will guide you with the Vastu solutions or remedies. A Vastu-compliant shop with everything in the right place and direction can yield excellent results. Contact our Vastu experts at to know more about Vastu for shops and for the growth of your business.
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