Vastu Tips for Main Door

The entrance and main door are not only the place to welcome guests and an opportunity to make a good first impression on them but it also holds a lot of significance in Vastu shastra. As per Vastu it is also that area of a dwelling that allows the free flow of positive energy into the whole premise. Hence Vastu for the main door must be strictly followed in homes and offices (including shops, workshops, factories, etc.). Vastu tips primarily focus on the placement and direction of the main door. A main entrance door designed as per Vastu will help build and maintain cordial relations in a house between family members and relatives, and bring in more business in an office.

Following are some of the important Vastu tips for entrance and main door and why it is important:

  • Which direction is your main door facing? Direction for a main door should be as per the date of birth of the breadwinner (or owner, in case of an office). The direction of the main door cannot be general for everyone. Hence it should be one of your favorable directions and calculated by Saral Vaastu experts according to your date of birth.
    Do you sleep in front of the main door? As per Vastu sleeping in front of the main door has immense negative impact on your health. If it is unavoidable, ensure that you sleep in your favorable direction.
  • As mentioned earlier Vastu tips for door states that there should be no obstructions in front of main door from inside or outside. It affects the energy flow in the dwelling. Remove any furniture or shoes that prevent the main door from opening fully.
  • Does your main door make a noise while opening or closing? There should be no creaking sound in the door as it spreads negativity in the house. You can either oil or change the hinges.
  • What does your main door face? It must not face any electrical pole as it generates negative energy. The electric disturbances from these poles affect the energy within the house as well as inside the body.

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