Vastu Tips for Toilet and Bathroom

As per Vastu shastra, toilets and bathrooms are the source of negative energy in a house and hence their construction and direction must be consulted with an expert. If they are not built as per Vastu guidelines they may cause adverse effects on the dwelling and its inhabitants. In ancient Indian homes the toilets and bathrooms were built outside to prevent the negativity from entering the homes; however since it is not possible in every scenario, one must follow Vastu for toilet and bathroom while constructing a house. Remedial measures are also available in Vastu to correct the defects caused by faulty toilet construction in an apartment.

Some of the simple Vastu tips that individuals can follow are as below:

  • Close the door of toilet / bathroom when not in use to avoid flow of negative energy. One of the aspects of Vastu is soothing fragrance. The foul smell from the toilets leads to negativity hence the doors have to be firmly closed.
  • Is your child’s study table near a toilet? Don’t sit in front of the toilet or bathroom while studying; it affects your children’s concentration. Toilets are a negative distraction; hence the child should be away from it while studying.
  • Do you keep a mirror in your bathroom? As per Vastu, there should not be a mirror in the toilet and bathroom as it generates the negative energy and affects the health of the residents. If the mirrors are placed as per Vastu it can attract positive energy.

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