Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji

Since his childhood, Chandrashekhar Guruji has always been intrigued and pained by the challenges mankind is facing. As a young boy of 8 years old, he undertook the selfless task of collecting donation from people to ensure the resurrection of an old temple in India, which was built by his great grandfather. His only focus was to bring happiness in the lives of the people residing in his hometown by resurrecting the temple which once was a buzzing place filled with positivity.

At the age of 14, again, as a teen, thoughts started to come in the mind of Guruji as to how he can make his life worth and that is when he decided to try the armed forces, which he could not get through based on medical grounds. This did not deter his thoughts and kept looking for the opportunities in Social welfare. After starting his professional career as a Civil Contractor in Mumbai, In 1995, he started “Sharan Sankula Trust”, and started helping the poor and needy in and around Navi Mumbai.

Chandrashekar Guruji comes from a very humble family background, He was true to his self and started to tread on the path of honesty in his professional career. When he faced financial losses in his contracting venture, he did not blame those who failed to pay, but he started to introspect the reasons for the problems. In mid – 1998, Guruji’s started to see the layout of his house and compass in his dreams very frequently. He then started to join the dots in what he was going through in his life along with what he was getting in his dreams.

This lead to the beginning of his journey where he started to realize that the cause of his problems lied in his house and workplace. He started to get into the depth of the matter and he started to understand the concepts of how our ancient ancestors amalgamated their knowledge and resources to build everlasting beautiful monuments that have stayed strong against the ravages of time.

It was that eureka moment that happened to him, where he conceptualised, developed and perfected the science through his research over time, “Saral Vaastu”, a unique scientific solution based on the ancient Indian culture & architecture, which when adopted can bring happiness and success in all spheres in an individuals and his family’s life.

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