15 Vastu Tips for Bedroom – Correct Sleeping Direction Invites Peace

Bedroom is the place where we recharge our life just like we recharge our mobile phones. The Vastu of the bedroom has a deep connection with our peace. The bedroom is the place that gives us peace and comfort. A peaceful bedroom with the correct sleeping direction makes our sleep sound which positively affects our mental health and relationship with partner and other family members. Bedroom is not an exception that doesn’t affect from Vastu.

Any imbalanced Cosmic energy in bedroom affects the harmonious relationship as well as mental health. It’s really important to pay attention to your sleeping direction and bedroom Vastu for positive outcomes.

Guruji with his Saral Vaastu Principles explains the workflow of Cosmic energy around us. As per Saral Vaastu, there are 3 main principles which directly aims to your happiness and peace. By adopting Vastu solutions by Saral Vaastu, one can attain prosperity and success in life. These 3 principles focuses on tapping Cosmic energy in three ways:

    1. Connect with Cosmic Energy with Direction
    2. Balance Cosmic Energy with Structure
    3. Channelize Cosmic Energy with Chakra

These three rules summarize the role of Cosmic field in Vastu Shastra. One can convert negative energy into positive by applying these 3 rules.

Saral Vaastu Principles are the outcome of vigorous and in-depth study of Vastu Shastra by Guruji. According to Guruji, ” Right sleeping direction and bedroom Vastu is determined by an individual’s date of birth.”

A father has seen good health and a happy life with his partner throughout in master bedroom but son is experiencing difficulties in his health and relationship in the same room after father. It clearly indicates that same Vastu remedies or tips aren’t applicable and feasible to all. It depends on the date of birth and solutions based on that.

Vastu agreed bedroom removes our troubles, disputes, misunderstandings, fights, separation etc. and brings happiness in our life. Master bedroom Vastu can dilute the problems related to the bedroom. By following some tips related to the sleeping direction and bedroom Vastu, you can make that room beneficial for you.

    1. The bed should not be near the bedroom door. This will cause distraction and disturbance in the mind.
    2. The bedroom should have a doorway.
    3. Sirhana or headrest is suitable for students in the west direction.
    4. The bedroom of the homeowner should be in the south-west angle or in the west direction. South-west ie south west angle is considered a symbol of earth element ie stability.
    5. There should be a bedroom in the east for children, unmarried or guests, but this room should not accommodate a newly married couple.
    6. If the homeowner often has to stay on tour in connection with his work, it would be better to make the bedroom in a horizontal angle.
    7. The bed in the bedroom should be in such a way that the sleeping head on it will be towards west or south direction. In this way, when you wake up in the morning from the gold, the face will be towards east or north. East direction is the direction of sunrise, it is life giving and auspicious.
    8. North direction is considered to be the direction of Dhanapati Kubera, so it is auspicious to have a mouth on that side as soon as you wake up in the morning.
    9. Heading towards the north direction, sleep causes more nightmares and sleep is not good.
    10. If the building has more than one storey then the master bedroom should be on the upper floor.
    11. There should not be any mirror, plants, aquarium or Pooja place in the bedroom.
    12. Colors of wall should be light and soothing in the bedroom
    13. Bed should be in square shape
    14. Couple should use single mattress on bed
    15. Don’t put TV, computer etc electronic items in the bedroom.

These Vastu tips for bedroom can attract beautiful and understanding relationship with your partner and other family members too. By using Vastu for bedroom, invite abundance, peace, good health and prosperity in your life.

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