Do Not Avoid Water Tank Vastu & Bring Good Results

Water tank in a house is one essential resource that caters daily water needs. But do you know that the Water Tank Vastu is also one integral part of Vastu for house? Yes! Before placing or deciding a place for a water tank, make sure you follow proper Vastu guidelines.

Energy plays a huge role in our life. It decides our prosperity or adversity. In Vastu for house, location of a water tank can be very crucial. Since we all are surrounded by an invisible energy called Cosmic Energy then the water tank should not obstruct the flow of the energy through its wrong direction and placement. If there is no Vastu defect due to a wrongly placed water tank then it emits positive energy whereas incorrect water tank position can increase negative energy in the house and bring many life-related problems to the residents of the house.

Saral Vaastu suggests that with the help of Saral Vaastu Principles, we can imbalance this cosmic energy and bring its positive results. These three principles have been established by Guruji through his in-depth study for 20 years. These 3 rules state:

  1. Connect with cosmic energy through direction
  2. Balance cosmic energy through structure
  3. Channelize cosmic energy through chakras

Any obstruction that is brought by a wrong direction or location for a water tank is corrected by following the best direction. Every individual has four favourable and four unfavorable directions. As per Guruji, ” Favourable or unfavorable directions for any individual is based on the date of the birth of that individual.”

By analyzing your date of birth, the Saral Vaastu expert provides you the best direction. You can follow your best direction for water tank Vastu and can bring the best results.

There are two types of water tanks in any house or building. They are overhead water tanks and underground water tanks. There are different Vastu rules for underground and overhead water tanks. Here are a few water tank Vastu tips one can follow to increase positivity.

Overhead Water Tank Vastu:

  • Since overhead water tanks are placed on the roof so they put a lot of weight on the house so it is important to know the correct location as per Vastu.
  • The best direction for an overhead water tank is either South-West or West.
  • For some cases, it can be placed in the South direction too.
  • If South-West or South direction is not available then North-West is the last option.
  • Never place an overhead water tank in the North-East direction.
  • Avoid locating them in the South-East direction else they can cause loss or accidents.
  • As per Water Tank Vastu, never keep any water tank in the centre.
  • If a water tank is in the South or South-West direction then keep them 1-2 feet higher than the ground.
  • West locating water tank does not need any higher platform.
  • Do not locate a water tank above the kitchen or bedroom ever.
  • Do not use plastic water tanks.
  • The color of an overhead water tank should be blue or black.
  • Keep water tanks clean
  • Water tanks should be covered always for hygiene reasons.
  • Never have the same water tanks for kitchen and bathroom/toilets. Use different water tanks for both the purposes.
  • Water tanks should not leak.

Underground Water Tank Vastu:

  • North-East is the best direction for underground water tanks.
  • Underground water tank can be towards either North or East.
  • If the water tank is placed in the North direction, it brings wealth, happiness and prosperity.
  • You can also locate underground water tanks in the east direction. It increases wealth.
  • It is not advisable to place underground water tanks in the south direction. It causes mental stress and illness.
  • Like the South direction, North-West, South-West and South-East directions are bad for underground water tanks.
  • Underground water tank should not be located in the centre as it increases bankruptcy or destruction of a family.
  • There should not be any leakage or seepage as per underground water tank Vastu.
  • As per Water tank Vastu, do not start digging an underground water tank on Tuesday.
  • Water tank should not be dirty or unclean.

Water tank Vastu plays a major role in family’s happiness and prosperity so always consult a Saral Vaastu expert before deciding the location of a water tank.

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