20 Easy-To-Apply Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen is the place where food is cooked. This food is the source of energy for us. Kitchen is also known as Fire element and it is important to keep this element controlled to get benefits. Vastu Shastra is a science of balancing the energy and by making a Vastu compliant kitchen, you can balance this energy and element balanced. This increases positive energy and harmony in a house.

If due to Vastu defects, energy imbalanced, it shows negative effects like health-related problems, mental stress, disputes in family and induces fights, divorce or separation between a couple.

With the help of Vastu, you can curb the negative impacts of Vastu Dosh and can adopt Vastu for kitchen. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles that address this issue and covers all the problems arises by an imbalanced energy. With the help of Saral Vaastu, you can connect with Cosmic energy through direction, balance cosmic energy by structure and channelize Cosmic energy by activating Chakras.

Favourable direction in Saral Vaastu is determined by the date of birth of the Head of the family. Saral Vaastu explains that Vastu for kitchen is not any standard set of rules to follow by all. They are exclusive that depends on an individual’s date of birth.

Energy balance and Favourable direction decide the Vastu for kitchen that are suggested by a Saral Vaastu expert.

One can make kitchen as per Vastu and follow few Vastu tips for kitchen to overcome all the negative energy in the house due to kitchen Vastu defects. These kitchen Vastu tips are:

  1. Keep kitchen always clean and hygienic
  2. Never construct a kitchen directly under or above toilets
  3. Similarly while making a kitchen as per vastu, never have kitchen under or above the bedroom
  4. It is also suggested that kitchen should not be built under or above Pooja room
  5. Gas stove and sink should never be in the same line
  6. Do not place gas stove in front of the kitchen’s entrance door
  7. Have an L shaped platform in kitchen
  8. Water taps in kitchen should not leak
  9. Don’t construct kitchen under the stairs
  10. Cook should face east while cooking
  11. Don’t use black color in kitchen
  12. Walls should be painted with bright colors like orange, red, chocolate etc.
  13. Gas stove should be in Southeast corner preferably
  14. You can place a refrigerator in South-East and North direction of Kitchen for good results.
  15. Always offer sacred food you make first in the kitchen everyday
  16. South west kitchen instigate disputes amongst family members so try to avoid this
  17. Kitchen should be constructed in the favourable direction of the woman who cooks in the kitchen
  18. Drinking water should be kept in North East direction.
  19. Sink or Wash basin should be in North East direction
  20. Kitchen, platform and utensils should be cleaned on a daily basis


These Vastu tips should be followed to minimize the effects of Vastu defects in the kitchen. Vastu for kitchen can enhance positivity and happiness in the house and bring harmony.

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