20 Important Vastu Tips for Home

Being happy and successful is the purpose of life. We all make efforts to live a happy life. But do you know that your house can be the reason of your prosperity? Yes! Vastu for home plays an important role to bring positive results in life. Vastu for House has become popular these days to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Life is full of problems and everyday we encounter many problems related to money, health, career, business, education, marriage, relationship etc. These issues raise the stress level and anxiety. There is no life without problems but there are solutions as well.

What are the reasons of problems we face regularly? If we encounter a health issue we pay attention to treatment and proper care of the patient but we overlook the reason behind repeated health issues in someone’s life. There can be Vastu Dosh for such repeated health problems. Similarly, for other life-related problems, the centre can be wrong Vastu for home.

We all are surrounded by an energy called “Cosmic Energy”. This energy affects each individual with its presence. If this energy gets imbalanced, then it creates an adverse effect. Why does this energy get imbalanced? The very reason for this imbalanced energy is Vastu Dosh.

Cosmic energy flows in a definite direction. Any obstruction in its free flow can impact life in a negative way. By using correct Vastu plan for house, one can remove these negative points from a house.

Vastu has many unread and unseen norms. Vastu has no same set of principles for all. As per Guruji, “Vastu depends on an individual’s date of birth”. Each individual has unique and exclusive Vastu solutions based on date of birth.

Why a father has seen success and happiness in his life, living in a house but his son is not able to attain happiness and success in the same house. It clearly depends on the date of birth of the house owner.

To provide best Vastu solution, Guruji established Saral Vaastu Principles. Saral Vaastu Principles have three main principles:

  1. Connect with the Cosmic Energy through direction
  2. Balance  the Cosmic Energy with structure
  3. Channelize the Cosmic Energy with Chakras.

With these 3 steps, one can balance the Cosmic field and attract abundance in life.

As per Saral Vaastu Principles, there can be important Vastu tips for home to bring positive Cosmic field. The generic 15 tips are:

  1. Main Door should be in the right direction
  2. Main Door should have bright light. Remove footwear outside the house
  3. Don’t keep electronics like TV, Computer in the bedroom
  4. Don’t keep aquarium or water plant in bedroom
  5. Kitchen should not be near the stairs as it blocks the flow of energy
  6. Keep the corners well lighted and bright
  7. Don’t put mirror in the kitchen
  8. Gas stove needs to be cleaned daily
  9. Place good, happy pictures in your living room
  10. Do not keep cactus in your house
  11. Keep the doors closed or your bathroom
  12. Water taps of kitchen and bathroom should not leak
  13. Keep the lid of seat closed in your toilet
  14. Pooja Room should not be adjacent to toilet
  15. Doors should open smoothly without making a noise
  16. Study room should be peaceful
  17. Don’t keep stale food in house
  18. Don’t keep broken pictures and frames in house
  19. House should be airy, clean and clutter free
  20. Always use your favourable direction as per Vastu

These Vastu tips are generic which are applicable on all. For more important and exclusive Vastu tips, consult a Saral Vaastu Expert and get positive outcomes based on date of birth.

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