3 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Have your clients made your life miserable by their never ending queries, changes, and requirements? Are you and your partner very upset because you don’t get much time together and also you are unable to maintain a work-life balance? Do you sometimes think that your partner will just leave you because of the fact that you spend very less time with him/her?

You are undergoing stress, which can be referred to various hormonal reactions. It also impacts your endocrine system. If I were to explain stress in the simplest words, it is the state of mind that we develop over the course of time and under the pressure from our peers, boss, colleagues and life partner. This state of mind diminishes our power of logical thinking and we are bound to go to various doctors and eventually end up paying huge medical bills. These bills are majorly paid for medical problems such as fluctuations in your blood pressure, rising or dropping levels of sugar, dipping insulin & thyroid hormones and much more. These so-called medical problems can also be referred as “diseases”.

Stress also affects one’s relationship. For example, your partner, who so far, was putting in a lot of efforts, might start looking for other things to invest their time in. He or she would stop bothering you. And trust me, that is the most dreaded part of a relationship. Now, this would not only make your life miserable but also will hamper your partner’s life. There are a few things that you could probably do to save you and your partner’s life from becoming miserable. Some stress busters (listed below), a few sacrifices at the workplace and a little more time can do the trick for you.

  • Humour, is one of the most commonly used and an effective stress buster. Not only it relieves your stress, but also helps you build conversations with your partner. Any activity which can help you and your partner laugh will act as a step towards a better bonding because the brain releases some very helpful chemicals when you laugh which help you think in a different way and develop a positive mindset
  • One of the best remedies for stress is venting out your frustration. Let it out-out everything to your partner because they will not only silently listen to you but also support you by understanding the pain that you are going through. In such circumstances, you are free to use any language and anything against anyone in front of your partner. The best part about telling to your partner is that they won’t issue you a pink slip for being offensive.
  • Treating your body well with good food, exercise and meditation help a lot in keeping your mind and body fit and away from stress. A weekend shopping might help too because looking good will eventually make you feel good. You could think of joining a yoga class with your partner and spend some time together that way.

Saral Vastu has a list of vastu guidelines, which, if followed can help a lot in getting rid of work related stress.

  • Facing your 1st favorable direction while in office helps in activating 7 chakras and this helps in improving the efficiency at work which keeps the work related stress away.
  • Sitting in your 1st good direction in office or workplace helps in business growth or work efficiency keeping the stress factor away from you.
  • By maintaining a healthy fish aquarium in the North direction of the hall will attract positive energy at workplace

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