30 Quick and Simple Vastu Tips for Home

A house reflects the state of your happiness. Very few know that a house can be the reason for your happiness. Any disruptions or adversity in your life can be a result of wrong Vastu of your house.

Many of us do not believe in Vastu Shastra. Many new age people consider Vastu Shastra as a superstition but that is not true. Vastu Shastra is not any religious script but it is a science of architect that is followed by our ancestors since ages. The result we can see as an example of tremendous architect of temples, palaces, monuments, etc. They are still standing tall after thousands of years. It tells that our ancient architecture was really rich and science based.

As per Vastu Shastra and today’s science we all are surrounded by Cosmic Energy. Any imbalance in this energy can cause many problems,mental stress and losses in life. With the help of Vastu tips for home, we can create a house Vastu compliant.

To address problems related to house, Saral Vaastu provides the right consultation. As per Saral Vaastu Principles, Guruji has explained that Cosmic energy needs a free way to flow and this is done by favourable direction, structure and placements. This favourable direction is decided by the date of birth of head of a family.

Saral Vaastu Principles has three steps to balance the Cosmic energy. They are connecting, balancing and channelizing Cosmic Energy with the help of direction, structure and chakras respectively. Vastu tips for house can impact a house in a good way.

To attract happiness and prosperity, you need to follow few Vastu tips for home. They are:

  • Put a happy picture of your family on the main wall of the living room of the house. This method will increase family love.
  • There should not be any obstruction like electric pole, tree etc. in front of the main door. It blocks free flow of positive energy.
  • Never place the dining area or dining table of the house in front of the main door of the house, or in a place where the main door is directly visible.
  • Place a picture of the rising sun on the living room wall of the house. This picture is indicative of luck, new possibilities, fame and success.
  • Never keep broom, wipe and other cleaning items in the kitchen. It is also wrong to keep any mirror in the kitchen or to put it on the wall.
  • Whenever praying or praying to God, keep your face towards North East and close your eyes and pray to God with a sincere heart.
  • Keep all corners of the house clean and put lights on these places. If desired, keep candles, lamps or decorative lights at these places.
  • Never keep any plant or anything containing water such as water fall in the bedroom of the house.
  • Never place a TV set or computer in the bedroom. TV and computer should always be placed in the southeast area of ​​the living room or study room.
  • Always light up the main gate of the house and put a brighter lights and lamps. Small light bulbs should be avoided.
  • In the north-eastern region of the house, keep at least one basil plant. It enhances positivity and cleans air.
  • If you collect money in a box or purse in the house, always keep this box in the south direction of the room and keep in mind that while keeping the cupboard, the doors of the cupboard should always open in the north direction. (Advisable)
  • Toilets and bathroom doors always keep shut as much as possible. Negative energy and bacteria can enter the house when the doors are open.
  • Never put a painting that creates sadness or negative emotion on the walls of the house. Use pictures of positive energy, sun rise, greenery, flowers, laughing children and happy paintings.
  • While setting cupboards and beds in the house, keep in mind that both these things are adjoining to the western wall and stay away from the north eastern wall.
  • Leave the north-eastern part of the room open and avoid ever placing the bed under the beam. It is helpful in transmitting negative energy.
  • There should not be any sound when opening or closing doors as per Vastu tips for home. Avoid this by adding grease from time to time.
  • If the Pooja room (house of worship) is built around the washroom, change its location. These two should not be around.
  • Incense sticks, Diya and Kapoor diya must be lit in the temple of the house every evening.
  • Focus on keeping head and feet in the right direction while sleeping. Whenever you sleep, your feet should always be facing north and head towards south. It is very beneficial in terms of health.
  • Always keep the north eastern area of ​​the house clean. Failure to do so may worsen the health of the head of the household and other men.
  • Keep has stove and sink away from each other because they represent different elements and putting them together increases fights and issues in a family
  • Never sit in front of the door in the study room. It disturbs the concentration.
  • Study table should be square or rectangular.
  • Toilet seat lid should be closed while in no use.
  • Keep rock salt and plant in the bathroom. It mitigates the negative energy of toilet and bathroom.
  • Place an aquarium in the north-eastern side of the main chamber of the house, which contains nine goldfish and a black fish. This will bring prosperity and prosperity in the house.
  • Water taps in the house should never leak as it represents financial or monetary loss.
  • Living room should be clutter-free and tidy always to allow smooth flow of Cosmic energy.

These 30 easy Vastu tips for house can be beneficial for you and your whole family. It attracts wealth, good health, happiness and prosperity. For more accurate and exclusive Vastu tips for home, consult our Saral Vaastu experts.

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