35 Vastu Tips for Garden

Vastu Shastra is a wide ancient science of architecture. It involves every part of the house. Garden is not an exception. A Vastu compliant garden has the ability to enhance positive vibes in the house. Whereas a garden without Vastu rules can impact your life negatively. So before designing a garden, always Follow Vastu for Garden to attain the best results.

Saral Vaastu also helps to design the best garden in the house. Guruji has explained with his 20 years of research that a Vastu compliant garden can increase the positive energy in the house. This happens due to balanced energy in the house. If your house has imbalanced energy then you should follow Saral Vaastu Principles. These principles allow you to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy.  This way you can balance this energy through the right direction, structure and chakra.

If you follow the right direction, structure and placement of objects, the cosmic energy can flow in the definite path without any obstruction in the garden. This free flow of energy brings the best results for the inmates of the house.

To adopt Saral Vaastu, one need to follow following quick 35 Garden Vastu Tips:

  • Garden in the east or north direction is considered good.
  • If a garden is in front of the house then any big tree should not block the entrance. It will repel the positive energy.
  • Big trees like mango, neen, peepal, banana etc. have great importance in Vastu. They give positive vibes and also spread good fragrances.
  • Neem tree also purifies the environment because of its antibacterial, antiseptic quality.
  • Basil plants can be auspicious in the North, east or west direction.
  • Fountains can be placed in the North, North-East or North-West direction.
  • Avoid having huge trees in the North.
  • Try to have small shrubs and plants in the North direction.
  • Don’t keep pots on the compound wall. It should be placed on the ground.
  • Water fountain in the North-East, North, East, West and North-West. It increases wealth and money.
  • North-East is the first best direction for fountain and North-West is the second best. Water flow of the fountain should be towards the house.
  • Always have open space in the North direction.
  • You can have benches in North or east direction that should face either east or west.
  • Different colored flower plants increases beauty of a garden so have beautiful plants for your garden.
  • Huge trees should be suggested in the south or west direction.
  • Heavy rocks, rock garden, sculptures, scriptures etc. are considered good in the south, west or South-West direction as per Garden Vastu.
  • If you want to plant any fruit bearing trees then it should be in the East direction.
  • Best direction for a swimming pool is the North-East.
  • A strict no for swimming pool in South, South-East and South-West.
  • As per Garden Vastu, having an open sitting area in the East is good.
  • Always keep the centre part of a garden open, airy and clean.
  • Flower pots can be placed in North, East and North-East.
  • Garden should be clutter-free and tidy.
  • As per Vastu for garden, one can have swings in the North or east direction.
  • North-West is the best direction for pet’s place, kid’s playing area and bird’s nest.
  • You can use South-West direction for the common plants like rose, marigolds, Jasmine etc.
  • All plants should be healthy and well-maintained.
  • Don’t use thorny plants like cactus, Ber, Bamboo, Bonsai etc. in the garden. They affect harmony, growth and good relationships.
  • Take good care of the basil plant in the garden. It should always be green and healthy.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, keeping water pot for birds is considered good.
  • If you have a pathway in the garden then plant Jasmine plants on both sides. It is really auspicious.
  • Creepers should be in the garden only and not inside the house.
  • Swings should be placed in East or North direction.
  • Negative pictures, sculptures, statues etc. like war, crying and loneliness is strictly avoided.
  • The very important thing is your garden should be peaceful and serene as it is the area where you go to sit and relax.

These 35 Vastu tips for garden helps you to have a positive and beautiful garden where you can feel relieved, relaxed and peace of mind.

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