5 Keys To Increase Your Childs Concentration And Better Focus

Concentration is like a muscle that needs exercise on the daily basis to strengthen your mind. Some kids are born stronger than others. But all can gain and learn strategies and engage in practices, mind games that can improve concentration, ability, and their attention. The one thing you must have heard about every parent telling you about raising a child and it is extremely difficult to get them to focus on their studies.

Concentration is a lot of mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically the ability to pay attention to one thing in the moment.

Kids are doing a lot of multitasking these days from the internet to messaging and to listening music and studying as well. Incessant distractions compete for their attention. These much of multitasking can make conclude their focus. Yet helping children with proper guidance will develop a self-discipline, efficacious focus, and improve concentration at an early stage. It helps them for long-term success in high school, college, and the professional career.

Here are some practical and manageable tips parents can use on their children’s to improve concentration and better focus and ultimately succeed.


Kids are naturally energetic and exuberant. Although abolishing every possible distraction is nearly challenging. Being easily distracted isn’t bad at all. In fact, in the right circumstances, it can help you survive. Make them avoid television, video games, smartphones, tablets and other electronic gadgets that make them distracted.


By the exact routine of your child’s diet and keeping a setting in routine and ensuring your child stick into it, it helps your child to focus better. This will help your overall development and enhance your child’s performance. It’s mainly seen that diet is the key to the overall productivity of your children. Increase their grasping power to adapt things easily.


Children’s are energetic and usually, you will find them doing activities. Studying without breaks can leave your child feeling bored and tired. You should always ensure that your child has enough play time too. Maybe sometimes leave them alone for their own activities, for their entertainment, this will help to improve concentration.


Studying needs a lot of concentration and focus. The direction of study room should be in the favourable direction and make sure your child should sleep in their favourable facing direction which is responsible for studying. The direction to face while studying plays a prominent role in helping them to improve concentration and better focus in studies. As student facing their favourable direction will make them more energized in the right way.


The chakra for concentration is ‘Ajna Chakra’. It is also known as the Third eye Chakra. This chakra is about the balance between the physical and more focused concentration. It always increases your concentration and better focus on your Studies. The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thoughts and boost your inner self and make your more focus and to increase concentration.

Which direction should a Student face while studying? Vastu is a science of directions and these directions are not just applicable to objects but also for people. Students must face his or her favourable direction while studying to enhance the concentration in studies. What is your children’s favourable direction?

Regarding your favourable directions, Vastu can help you in your daily life and reduce your problems from every aspect of your life. A Vastu consultation is always necessary for your life. With the help of unique and scientific solutions, Saral Vaastu helps you to know your favourable directions which can help your child concentrate more on his studies and to increase the flow of positive energy inside the house.

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