5 Steps To Keep Depression At Bay After A Job Loss

Job loss is a commonality nowadays; it is a stressful experience and people usually feel angry, frustrated and helpless and soon slip into depression. The depression stage happens if they do not get another job quickly or if they get de-motivated. Unemployment after job loss can make a person lose his/her self-esteem and a sense of purpose. It is however this time that one needs to maintain their spirits and emerge stronger.

Understanding the Impact of Job Loss

Jobs are an essential feature that identifies us giving our life, meaning, purpose and structure. It influences how the society and even we see us.

Beside the loss of regular financial income there are other difficult situations that follow a job loss:

  1. The person loses his or her professional identity
  2. With no income there is no sense of security
  3. Social network gets affected
  4. Daily routine gets upset
  5. It adversely affects self esteem and confidence level
  6. Professional identity is lost

The depression that follows after a job loss can be countered by many methods, and Vastu Shastra is one such method. While you are searching for a new job at your house you should be spirited and positive rather than gloomy and dull. Vastu Shastra helps you by transforming your surroundings.

Ways to overcome Depression after Job Loss and how Vastu can help

  1. After a job loss it is either good to take some time off or start your job hunt immediately. Confide in a friend or your spouse and take their suggestions.
  2. Cut down your spending habits
  3. If it takes a while to get a job, keep yourself with some hobby. Start exercising. Do not sit idle.
  4. Networking is a best way to know about possible vacancies. Call you old colleagues or ask your friends to find out a suitable job.
  5. Although the location or direction of the main entrance door is important, what is more essential is the main entrance is clutter free. Keep the entrance spacious and you have no hindrance moving.
  6. Your bedroom is the place where you spend 8-10 hours daily and has a profound impact on your mental state. Consult our experts at Saral Vastu to understand whether it is placed in the right direction (if not, ask for remedies). The direction of the room, the placement of the bed and the position of sleeping has an impact on the physical and emotional health.
  7. If a mirror is incorrectly placed in your bedroom it can lead to negativity and feelings of failure. The simplest solution is to cover the mirror with a piece of cloth at night.
  8. There are certain locations in a house or apartment called the “fun portion”. If this portion is cut or weak it hampers the thought process and leads to an increase in old and disturbing thoughts. There are many remedies to alter the effect of this place.
  9. As per Vastu there exists a depression zone in a house. Placing photographs of your family in this zone can lead to depression and tensions within the family.

These are some of the simple ways by which Vastu can help you cope with depression after a job loss.

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