A Rightly Placed Entrance Door Has a Lasting Impression

Vastu Shastra believes that the main door is not just for humans to enter but it is also the welcoming gate for deities and positivity in the house.

Vastu for entrance

An entrance or the main gate has a very important role in the Vastu of a house. This is the place from where the cosmic energy reach each corner of the house. If according to the date of birth and a few Vastu algorithms, the direction of the main gate suits you then there would be a lot of positive energy entering the house and the members of the family would prosper. However, if it has a negative impact then there would be a free flow of negativity, there will be lot of troubles, and members would not prosper.

A North West direction entrance may suit you and prove to be beneficial under certain circumstances. One just needs to follow certain guidelines and rules of Vastu. There will be a Vastu defect in case your direction is not North West which may lead to tensions and clashes with neighbours or there may be court cases. It may bring in more enemies than more friends to you.

We all wish to avoid such circumstances! Isn’t it! In that case, you may visit a Saral Vastu consultant, who would provide you with remedies to cure the Vastu dosh without breaking or reconstructing the entrance door.

North West entrance flat Vastu

Like house, even apartments have to maintain the Vastu. There is a huge demand of high-rise apartments these days. As apartments are predesigned and not much modification can be done in its structure and plan, hence they are not considered a very good option for Vastu believers.

However, Saral Vastu has beneficial tips and solutions for apartments that can be opted for positive vibrations. There is no need to go for reconstruction, as Saral Vastu will give you few simple and easy solutions.

For instance: A house bought by a father was constructed according to his date of birth as he was the breadwinner of the house. The family had all the happiness growth and prosperity. Then the father retired and the son became the breadwinner of the house but all they could earn were loses. Neither their business nor the family had any growth. The only reason behind it was that the house and directions were well suited according to the father’s date of birth but did not match with the son and proved non-beneficial for him.

If you relate to any such points that are mentioned above and if you feel, you have North West Vastu, dosh contact Saral Vastu consultants for the best and quick results. They will reach to you at the earliest.


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