Adopt Vastu for Bedroom for a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

A healthy mind can create miracles. Mental health directly affects the decision-making power and positivity of a person. A healthy mind needs proper sleep, peace and relaxation and bedroom is the place where you get this required peace of mind. Sleeping direction affects the Cosmic energy in the bedroom that eventually decides the positive or negative aura around you. It removes repeated arguments, fights, misunderstanding, separation etc. between a couple.

In Vastu Shastra, sleeping direction in bedroom is an important aspect to decide bedroom Vastu. A correct sleeping direction attracts positivity and better results in life in terms of health and relationships with others.

If bedroom Vastu is not right it directly affects an individual who sleeps in that room. In bedroom Vastu, master bedroom Vastu is really important. Master bedroom is responsible for the relationship between a couple.

Vastu tips for bedroom is decided by an individual’s date of birth who owns the bedroom. Saral Vaastu Principles by Guruji has explained about the importance of date of birth in bedroom Vastu. According to Guruji’s Saral Vaastu Principles “Vastu for bedroom is decided by an Individual’s date of birth”.

Saral Vaastu Principles has been established by Guruji through his 2 decades of in-depth studies. With the help of Saral Vaastu, one can connect, balance and channelize the Cosmic Energy through direction, structure and chakras respectively.

A date of birth is a deciding factor for sleeping direction. A father can see a healthy and good relationship sleeping in the bedroom of a house but after father, son is not having a good relationship with his partner in the same house. This is due to the difference in their date of birth and their Vastu solutions.

Although the Vastu Solution are different from person to person but still there are few generic Vastu tips one can adopt to see changes in their life. They are:

  1. Maintain the tidiness in the bedroom
  2. Sleeping direction should be decided based on an individual’s date of birth as favourable direction
  3. The photo of aggressive animals or beings should not be present. The bedroom should also not have any pictures / idols of Gods and Goddesses in ‘terrifying aggressive poses’
  4. There should not be a mirror in the bedroom
  5. There should not be a mirror even in front door of the bedroom
  6. There shouldn’t be any obstructions while entering in the bedroom
  7. Bed should not be right below the beam
  8. The Bedroom should not be in uneven shape (eg Circle, Semicircle, Octagonal, Pentagonal etc)
  9. The Bedroom shape should be in square or rectangle
  10. Use light and soothing colours on your bedroom walls
  11. Wardrobe should not obstruct the entry of the door
  12. Don’t put aquarium or plants inside bedroom
  13. Acquaint your bedroom with delicate and soothing lights
  14. The corner of your bedroom must not have windows or entrance; this will introduce positive energy and will discharge all the negativity in the house.
  15. The columns, beams, corners and furniture should not have sharp edges.
  16. Don’t keep TV, computer and other electrical items in the bedroom.
  17. In general, for best sleeping direction, the bed position should be in East or South side.

With these tips for bedroom Vastu, one can remove the negative energy from the bedroom and can nurture a happy, understanding and peaceful relation with his/her spouse.

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