An Approach to A Better Living With The Beneficial Aspect of Vaastu Shastra

If you are looking ahead to regain the lost harmony that prevailed at home or to avert a downfall in business or any other persistent uncertainty – do not fret! There is a solution to your every problem. We Indians are showered with many magnificent streams of science that can serve the people to regain their lost confidence and pride.

The lost positive aura can be regained through Vaastu Shashtra by improving the sanctity of your office and residence. Simple Vasthu tips can combine all the five natural elements and balance them with the people and the places where they stay to create harmony and perforate the required energy. Thus, before you consider investing in a home or an office, get in touch with your Vaastu consultant in Mumbai to assure a profitable ‘Griha Pravesh’ and ‘Shubh Labh’.

The First Step

The door of a house is the entrance that points the direction from where it begins. According to the Vasthu tips, the positive energy should flow into the house and it is advisable to have the entrance facing the favourable direction.

Internal Design

The Vaastu doctrine suggests that the master bedroom, dining room and kitchen must be placed in the favourable directions so as to maintain positive energy balance and love a harmonious life.


Light hues of colours are said to promote peace and harmony to your place. It is aesthetic to have wall colours of two shades according to the Vaastu. A house is a place to calm down, thus, avoid dark colours to rule your peaceful tranquillity!

Aquariums and swimming pools must be placed in the favourable directions. You can place an earthenware pot filled with water if you wish to skip maintaining the swimming pool and aquarium. The height of the doors and the windows will be according to the suggestion of the Consultants.

Visit your Vaastu consultant in Mumbai to give you the timely guidance for living in harmony and the proper way to intake ample of fresh air, sunlight, health and wealth. This technology has benefited many to live a secure and peaceful life. Gain the service of the best consultants like Saral Vaastu and experience the new transformation in your life!

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