Are You at a Risk of Losing Wealth?

Do you have the risk of losing wealth or earnings? Do you have nightmares that your hard earned money is being stolen? Do you sometimes have a thought of bearing huge losses from your investments? Do you sometimes think that your savings in a bank are not safe because of the increasing bank loot cases? Do you sometimes also feel that the money that your friend borrowed from you is never coming back? Do you sometimes think that you are over spending your earnings?

Well, all these questions do arise in our minds every day. It’s because wealth is considered to be the most important thing in our lives these days. We work hard for the whole day to earn it. We travel long distances, stay away from our families and make many other sacrifices just to ensure that we earn some money. The reason for earning is mere survival in this money oriented world. For some, survival is two meals a day, for some it is ample meals and facilities and for some it is lavish luxuries in life. The wealth is the reason that the duration of our naps have decreased from 8 to 10 hours in childhood to 5 to 6 hours now. Having mentioned that, the wealth that we earn can never be completely fulfilling because with increasing wealth our desires to live more lavishly also increase. And in this process, we fail to save some part of our wealth for emergencies or urgent requirements. Because of our habits, we always have that risk of losing our wealth and then living miserably.

Below mentioned are a few tips on how you can not only remove your fear of losing wealth but also build wealth in a way that you live happily after your retirement:

1. The best hack is to avoid leaking money. This can be done by simply cutting down on your unnecessary expenses like a subscription that you don’t use or a part of your phone bill which you never consume completely. Scrutinize of all your expenses in terms of value for money is necessary.

2. A budget out of what your earnings are has to be made. This budget should include your necessities and a few leisure activities. Sticking to the budget made will help a lot in saving money.

3. You’ll have to ensure that you clear all your debts on time and stay away from them unless there is an emergency. This helps in consuming your money for yourself and you don’t have to pay any interest for your borrowings.

4. Set goals for your savings and keep reminding yourself about those goals. Savings can be automated through SIPs. To save more, find ways to earn more.

5. Ensure that you contribute as much as you can towards your retirement plans and other investments which help you live happily after retiring.

6. Schedule your utility bill payments in a very systematic way. Do not miss on any of the payments as missed payments affect your credibility scores or credit ratings.

For effective spending, maintain two bank accounts. One for your salary to be credited in and the other for your savings. As soon as you get your salary, transfer the whole amount to your savings account except for your monthly expenses.

There are some very useful Vastu Shastra principles suggested by Saral Vaastu Experts which help you in staying positive and keeping all kinds of negativities away from you.

A few of them are listed below:

1. The Doors in your house should not be in a straight line of the main door of the house as it will have a negative impact on your health and wealth.

2. Center of the house should not contain staircase or toilet/bathroom as this will have negative impact on Health and wealth.

3. If there is any defect in Goddess Saraswati sthan in your house it will impact your knowledge and education negatively(indirectly it will impact your business growth and wealth creation)

4. Face your 1st favorable direction in the office to activate 7 chakras which improve the efficiency in your work.

5. By maintaining a healthy fish aquarium in the north direction of the hall will attract positive energy in the house and workplace.

6. Sitting in your 1st good direction in office or workplace will help you in business growth.

7. Face your 4th Favorable Direction while Studying to enhance the concentration.

8. Diversifying your investments helps you preserve your wealth.

9. For saving your wealth, systematic investments plans (SIPs) can be really helpful.

10. Banks are still the best place to save your money than your houses.

11. Fixed and recurring deposits are a good way to save your wealth.

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