Are you scared about losing your job? Relax and Read on

Are you scared about losing your job? Are you living in a fear with lack of job security? The world is a much different place today than it was 50, 30 or even 10 years ago. The competitiveness in the job market has increased manifold and employees have to keep innovating and studying to retain their position in an organization or to get promoted to the next level. In todays there is an adage which has never been truer:

“You have to keep running to be in the same place”

The world has changed so much due to technology, globalization, recession, downsizing, outsourcing etc. When compared to a person 10 years back, employees nowadays have experience in more than 8-10 different jobs and profiles. The lack of job security is something everyone has to face right from the CEO of a company to the employee at the lowest rung in the company. Employees have to cope with handling the work and psychological pressure.

Different people handle job insecurity in different ways. It all depends upon their home life, the loans they might have taken; financial situations, colleagues, and bosses or managers.

Before continuing to read the unique methods to overcome your fear of job security one should realize that it is impossible to know what the future and living in constant fear of it will only ruin your present. There are many methods that experts will suggest to you on the topic. Some of the common methods include learning on the job, creating an amicable relation with your colleagues and bosses, time management, stress relieving techniques, etc.

But there are universal energies that can help you overcome your fears. This is where the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra comes into the picture. Vastu Shastra is finding a wide audience in the western civilizations as they realize the true potential and meaning of Indian culture. The foundation of Vastu focuses on targeting cosmic energies and making them work for our benefits. The perfect details of Vastu Shastra can be given by the experts at Saral Vaastu; however we highlight some of important ways by which you can overcome the fear of losing your job.

Vastu at Office

  1. Inspect your seating position. In case you are sitting under a beam, ask your management to change your seat.
  2. Put a poster of a mountain on the wall behind you. It indicates support and determination when you are dealing with the client.
  3. Contact the experts at Saral Vaastu to know your favorable directions. Facing your favorable direction at work and meetings will give you long term benefits.

Vastu at Home

  1. Sleep in your favorable directions to get a good night’s rest and beat stress. Proper sleep ensures that you enter your office in a stress-free mood.
  2. During humid climates place salt rock in every corner of the house. Salt rock lamps also help.
  3. Placing Vastu samagiris at appropriate places absorbs the negative energies in the house and brings about positivity within you.

Vastu for Chakra balancing

By following proper Vastu methods the body’s energy levels increases. This positive energy coupled with meditation will open the body’s seven chakras. By opening the seventh Chakra called the crown or sahasrara chakra you develop a deeper connection with yourself and the greater force of life. The sahasrara chakra removes all our fears.

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