Best 17 Vastu Tips for Office to Attract Success and Profit

Direction has great importance in Vastu Shastra. The importance of best direction is more relevant for office than house. It is because a person spends his/her most of the time in office. As per Vastu for office, the direction of office and sitting position should be correct and Vastu compliant.

Now a days the Vastu tips are used not only in homes but also in all places like factories, warehouses, godowns and offices. According to Vastu Shastra, if there is a Vastu Dosh in the office, then it can impact minds and efficiency of the employees and also their health. Even the company may suffer financial losses due to Vastu defects in the office.

Vastu defects are the outcome of imbalanced energy in office. This imbalance in Cosmic energy can create problems like less profit, lack of performance in employees, disputes between stakeholders, decreased productivity etc. To avoid such problems, Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles. With the help of Saral Vaastu one can:

  • Increase their profits/ financial gains
  • Bring harmony amongst all the stakeholders
  • Create a positive and good working environment
  • Build good relationships with other businesses, competitors and investors

Saral Vaastu provide solutions related to direction, structure and chakras that allow free flow of energy in office by removing obstructions caused by the directions, structures and placement.

There can be many solutions related to Vastu for Office Cabin and Vastu for office, mentioned in Saral Vaastu. These remedies are based on the date of birth of the business owner. Since Vastu is not a standard set of remedies for all, it depends exclusively on the date of birth of an individual. Saral Vaastu Expert provides you effective Vastu tips and your favourable best direction for office. You can follow few Vastu tips for office. They can be:

  1. According to Vastu for Office Cabin, the chief in-charge of the office (boss) should not sit in the first cabin. There should be a cell of any assistant near the entrance who can provide information to the visitors.
  2. There should not be a table in front of the door of any room in the office.
  3. Do not seat an employee in the direction of the door.
  4. Green or dark colors should not be used in the office. Light colors such as white, cream or yellow should be used.
  5. The water arrangement in the office should be done in the northeast. In Ishaan, water will be auspicious only when it is related to the land. If you want to keep water at a higher place than the ground, then you can keep it at any place as per your convenience
  6. The cashier should not be seated in such a place from where he can see more and more employees working.
  7. The abode of Kubera is considered to be in the north direction. Therefore, as far as possible keep the cashier in the north direction.
  8. Computer, control panel, electrical equipment etc. should be installed in the fire angle of the office.
  9. If the waiting room is built in the office, then the angle will be appropriate. The conference / meeting hall is also considered to be auspicious in the western angle.
  10. As per Vastu for Office, more than one employee should not be seated at a table. This affects work.
  11. The senior officers of the office should sit in the south and the left officers in the west.
  12. The back of any employee in the office should not be towards the main gate.
  13. Where the boss sits in the office, there should not be any window behind his back.
  14. The window on the shoulder is also inauspicious.
  15. Trap (spider web) above the head, the door or window or skylight behind the back and next to the shoulder at the seating area of ​​the head of the office, all these things are harmful.
  16. Sitting in the aisle is also not right from the point of view of Vastu for office.
  17. Face your most favorable direction while in office to activate 7 chakras and to improve the efficiency in work.

Apply these easy tips for office vastu and bring the best results based on Saral Vaastu.

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