Best Household Plants as per Vastu Shastra

Plants are the best healer to a stressed mind. Nature has its own techniques to cure our anxiety, problems and issues of life. This is why we all need vacations to mountains and landscapes. It rejuvenates our soul and gives us answers to all the questions. This is called a mental detox. Vastu Shastra has the great capability to fight against multiple odds in our life through balancing the energy in the house. There are many household plants that are described in Vastu Shastra to mitigate the negative energy in the house.

We all are surrounded by an omnipresent energy called Cosmic energy. This cosmic energy gets affected by many directional, structural and placement related factors. Saral Vaastu helps you to balance this cosmic energy around us and convert it into positive energy. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles that defines the connection, balance and channelization of the cosmic energy through the best direction, right structure and active chakras respectively. By following Vastu tips, this energy can be balanced.

Since there are certain plants that are considered auspicious under Vastu Shastra, we can use those plants as energy magnets and can attract a lot of wealth, good health and overall well-being. These plants are:

  • Tulsi (Holy Basil): In Indian families, Tulsi is an important plant due to its religious and spiritual significance. Also, Tulsi is the plant that emanates oxygen throughout day and night so it also purifies the air and increases positive energy.
  • Bamboo Plant: In Vastu Shastra, bamboo plant is considered auspicious. It attracts wealth, prosperity and happiness. This is the best gift option for your loved one.
  • Money Plant: As its name suggests, money plant is known as a money magnet. Money plants attract success in business, money and growth.
  • Orchids: These beautiful plants symbolize love and affection. It can help in building relationships and affection so it is the best gift for newly wedded.
  • Lily: They are the best known for their beautiful fragrances and aroma. It also symbolizes love, peace and harmony so keeping Lily plant in home increases love and harmony amongst family members and brings positivity.
  • Chinese Flower: This is also a perfect example for the best household plants. It represents good health and optimism. You can place this in your living room and meditation area to increase positivity.
  • Rubber Plant: Acts as air purifier and represents financial growth and wealth. By placing these plants, you can get a lot of success in your business endeavors and earn a lot of profit.
  • Aloe Vera Plant: Aloe Vera Plant has its multiple medicinal uses in the house. It also absorbs negative energy from the house. So it is also the best household plant.

These household plants help to increase positive energy so attract happiness, joy, growth and prosperity in the house.

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