Best Sleeping Directions As Per Vastu

Some people may be dubious of Vastu, but it is an ancient Indian science of architecture that channelize the positive energy of the universe into our lives. It garners the energies from the space and people around you only to encourage the flow of positive energy. And according to Ayurveda, the study of the four directions and their influence on human health was called Vastu Shastra

Vastu has influenced us all the time, but the Vastu of a bedroom is particularly important. While we are asleep, our body tries to heal itself from the traumas and stress of the day. Vastu is believed to be with a lot of sense and in most cases there is a natural explanation to it and why to follow the favourable sleeping directions.

Vastu suggests some favorable sleeping directions as per the date of birth of an individual, depending on which you position your bed and sleeping directions, which has its own various advantages. According to Vastu principles, South, East, and West are acceptable sleeping directions. But the human body acts as a magnet making North a unfavourable sleeping direction. If our head points North, the North Pole of our body and the Earth will repel each other, resulting in disturbed and stressful sleep. Favorable sleeping directions may differ from person to person as per Saral Vastu Chart.

Sleeping directions decide the kind of energies we want from coming into our life. Vishnu Purana, quoted, “It is beneficial to lie down with the head placed in your favorable direction. The man who lies down with his head placed on contrary becomes diseased.” Sleeping Directions may have some beneficial effects, including the flow of energy. As more research is accomplished, more will be known. But for now science and Vastu – both believe that sleeping in your favorable directions is very important.

If a person is lying in his unfavorable sleeping direction, it might bring him terrible dreams and disturbed sleep. It may make him feel miserable, irritated and frustrated & some emotional instability will develop.

Unfavorable sleeping directions can suck up the positive vibrations while you sleep. And this may lead to physical and mental health to suffer.

The best sleeping directions are different for each individual and even the things such as placement of the bed with respect to bedroom walls, door, windows, etc, is also very much important. You may find a better sleep with your head in an area of the bedroom which has favorable Vastu influences, but pointing them out is a job of our Vastu consultants.

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