Bring Love In Your Relationship With These 38 Vastu Tips

In our life, relationship holds a special place. This is a feeling of compassion that involves love, affection and bonding. Two people come together to share their life and nurture a relationship with care, support, adjustment, understanding, sacrifices etc. In Vastu for relationship, we tend to address issues that arise in a relationship like delayed marriages, problems in finding a good match, fights, disagreements, disputes, separation, divorce etc.

We all know that we are surrounded by an energy which is also known as Cosmic energy. This energy flows as electromagnetic waves. These waves need an uninterrupted path to flow. If any interruption blocks the flow of energy then we see negative effects on our life.

Sometimes we feel good vibes in one room and bad vibes in our other room. This happens because of the imbalanced energy in that particular place. Many times, we experience quarrels, misunderstandings and disagreements in the bedroom where a couple spend their solace time. Vastu Deffect can be the reason for such relationship problems. These Vastu Deffect can be an outcome of bad direction, incorrect structure or improper placement of furniture and things. These errors cause obstruction in the flow of energy and triggers relationship issues. When this negative energy reaches at its peak then it leads extreme results like separation and divorces.

With the help of Vastu Shastra, we can curtail the negative energy and convert it into the positive energy. Saral Vaastu provides Vastu solutions for these problems. Guruji has established Saral Vaastu Principles to explain energy balance in the life. Saral Vaastu Principles has 3 major rules:

  • Connect with the Cosmic Energy through Directions
  • Balance the Cosmic Energy through Structure
  • Channelize the Cosmic Energy through Chakras

These three rules describe how this universal energy can be balanced and channelized. According to Guruji, “Vastu for relationship is based on an individual’s date of birth”. As many pseudo Vastu experts claim that following a certain direction can cut your all problems off is completely a myth. There is no universal same direction that can address your relationship problems. Like one medicine can not treat all the diseases, one Vastu solution or a direction cannot solve your all relationship problems. Every individual needs personalized and special Vastu tips or remedies and this exclusivity comes from the date of birth.

A father has seen a good relationship in a house but his son is facing issues and disputes in her marriage, living in a same house. Therefore, it says that Vastu for relationship was good for his father but not for his son in the same house, no matter that Vastu plan was same for the house.

Saral Vaastu experts analyze your date of birth and tell you the root cause of problems. Then they provide you effective solutions to solve your Vastu for relationship. Although Vastu for relationship is unique for all but still there are few general Vastu tips that can be adopted by any couple in the bedroom. They are:

  • Keep the tidiness of the bedroom.
  • As per Vastu for relationship, the sleeping direction should be in an individual’s date of birth.
  • Unmarried individuals should keep a few photos of the opposite gender as per their liking in their bedroom
  • Master bedroom should be used by a couple only.
  • Never place any mirror in the bedroom.
  • Do not keep a mirror in front of the bedroom door.
  • If there is a mirror in the bedroom, it should not face the bed and if it faces, then cover it with a cloth.
  • Bed should not be under the beam.
  • When you go to see a prospect bride/groom, always sit facing your good direction in front of prospect groom/bride for positive results
  • Do not keep any furniture or blockage while entering the bedroom.
  • Bed should be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Do not use irregular shapes like oval or circular for bed.
  • A married couple should use a single mattress on bed.
  • Do not place or hang photos of aggressive or terrifying animals, humans or God/Goddesses.
  •  Wall colors of a bedroom should be soothing and light.
  • Bedroom should be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Lighting of a bedroom should be peaceful and soothing.
  • As per Vastu for relationship, never keep TV, computer, laptops or any other electronic devices in the bedroom.
  • Your bedroom and cup-boards should be clutter-free and do not aggregate unwanted things.
  • Never place any water element in the bedroom like plants, aquarium etc.
  • Never place Pooja room in the bedroom.
  • Doors of the toilet in the bedroom should be closed.
  • According to Vastu for relationship, the corners of your bedroom should not have windows or entrances as it introduces positive energy and discharges all the negative energy.
  • Wardrobe should not block the opening of the door
  • In the bedroom furniture, column, beams or corners should not have sharp edges.
  • Beds should be made up of wood only.
  • Do not place a bed in front of the door as it causes restlessness and stress.
  • Do not sleep in the direct alignment with sharp corners.
  • Bedroom should have natural light and sunlight.
  • Use fragrances, aroma candles, incense sticks etc. in the bedroom to increase positive energy.
  • Keep beautiful artifacts and decorative items in the bedroom.
  • Bedroom door should open fully to the ninety degrees.
  • Apart from the bedroom, a kitchen also plays a role in maintaining good relationship, so the kitchen should be in the right direction to avoid frictions.
  • Kitchen should be neat and tidy.
  • Never place gas stove and water sink in the same line as they both represent different elements as fire and water. They induce fights and arguments between a couple.
  • To bring your love back in life, try to wear the red colour.
  • As a generic Vastu tip, the best bed position should be in the east or south.
  • Keep artifacts that come in a pair to strengthen togetherness.

With these Vastu tips for relationship, you can bring life and spark in your pale relationship. These Vastu solutions help you to live with harmony and love. For more specific and exclusive Vastu solutions, you can consult with Saral Vaastu experts to feel the difference within 9 to 180 days.

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