Do’s and Don’ts for Vastu Decoration this Diwali Season

India’s biggest and most Important Holiday of the year, Diwali is right around the corner .Individuals, families and business houses have begun their preparation to make this Diwali a Memorable event. The first day of Diwali i.e. Dhanteras falls on October 17 and Lakshmi Pujan on October 19. People have already started decorating their homes and offices to usher in prosperity and fortune. For many people Diwali is the festival of appeasing Goddess Lakshmi and with Her blessing and invite wealth to their House or Business. Vastu for wealth concept is also a renowned method for attracting wealth and fortune. Vastu shastra when implemented correctly in any dwelling will attract not only wealth but health, prosperity and overall well being. While decorating the house or office be mindful of Vastu principles so as to attract the positive vibes throughout the year.

Vastu for wealth dictates the ideal location for the placement of the cash box, the room for keeping documents, the structure of the land and the building, construction of water bodies, etc. When done accordingly, the energies from the dwelling and the land join together and attract wealth and fortune. Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and the time when the house along with its premises is cleaned and well lit. Diwali is also the time to realize the awareness of one’s inner light. Vastu shastra also helps a person tap into his or her inner energies by synching it with the surroundings. Diwali 2017 is the best time to decorate the house or office following Vastu concepts.

There are plenty of Vastu Shastra tips available online but while decorating a home or office it is necessary to consult a Vastu expert so as to get its maximum benefits. Given below are some of common do’s and don’ts of decorating a home as per Vastu.

Do’s and Don’ts for Vastu Decoration this Diwali Season

Do’s for Vastu decoration

1. Vastu compliant homes attract wealth. This Diwali decorate your entrance door and make it clutter-free.
2. The main door should be able to open fully. It is an invitation for happiness and prosperity. During Diwali it is also an invitation for Goddess Lakshmi to enter.
3. Plant a money plant in the house or office. The placement of the money plant should be as per the Vastu of the building.
4. Purple is the color of wealth and hence it is advisable to keep the money plant in a purple vase or pot.
5. The main entrance door of the home must be decorated with the right materials. Fresh flowers must be hung and old and decayed flowers must be regularly replaced or removed.
6. The number plate and name of the owner of the dwelling must be clean and bright

Don’ts for Vastu decoration

1. Do not keep the cashbox under a beam in the house or in office. It attracts negativity and will adversely affect the wealth flow.
2. It is believed that dirt blocks the entry of wealth and health in the home. Make sure to clean the whole house with an emphasis on doors.
3. Clean windows signify openness and flow of energy.
4. Do not have faulty or leaky taps or faucets in home or at office. Leaking water denotes loss of money and hence it is important to replace or repair the taps.
5. Do not apply dark colors to you house walls.
6. Remove previous years calendars if any, old books, papers or any unwanted materials from your house premises as this brings negative energy into your house.

Before starting to decorate your home on Diwali take the advice of an expert as Vastu consultancy offers the ideal solution to have a Vastu compliant home. When a dwelling is Vastu perfect, the inhabitants experience a positive energy and witness the flow of wealth and fortune.

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