Few Tips About Vastu for House

A house is a place where we relax and find peace. It is important to have a house where positivity dwells and we feel motivated and inspired. While constructing a house, we pay attention to every detail from type of flooring to colors of wall and color of cupboards but we forget that house is made for a happy family members, not just of furniture and walls. To build a happy house, one should adopt the correct Vastu plan for house.

To simplify Vastu, Guruji has created Saral Vaastu Principles. As per these principles, adopting the right sequence can make a huge difference in your life.

Extensive 20 years of studies have brought these Saral Vaastu Principles in a most simpler form where you can attract happiness and wealth in your life. Saral Vaastu Principles are easy to follow and there is no need for structural changes and breakage in your existing house.

Vastu for home is an important part of a house building. It allows Cosmic energy to flow freely and attract positivity in house. Positive cosmic energy brings happiness, success and prosperity to family members. With the help of Vastu for home, energy flows uninterruptedly in a definite direction.

There can be few tips of Vastu for house can be followed for better and happier life. They can be:

  • The main door should be built in the owner’s favourable direction
  • Main door should be well lit and decorative
  • Main door should be easily openable and made of wood only
  • There should not be any hindrance in front of the main door like electric pole as it hinders the free flow of energy
  • No shoe rack or furniture be placed at main door
  • Living room should be well-managed and clutter-free
  • Kitchen should be always clean and managed
  • Kitchen sink and Gas stove never be in the same line
  • Kitchen should never be adjacent to toilet
  • Water tap in the kitchen should never leak water as it represents financial loss
  • Bedroom walls should be of light colors
  • Avoid placing mirror, temple, TV, electronic and electrical items in bedroom as per Vastu for House
  • Couple should use single mattress on bed
  • Bed needs to be of square in shape
  • Walls of study room should painted in light colors
  • Study room should be clutter-free and peaceful
  • Study table should be in square shape
  • Toilet doors should always be closed
  • Toilet lid should never be opened
  • Pooja room is the sacred place in house so cleanliness of prayer room is important
  • Don’t keep dustbin in pooja room
  • Lit Diya and incense stick in pooja room under Vastu for Home

These Vastu for house solutions may bring joy and success in one’s life. Vastu can change your life.

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