How to achieve your New Year Resolution with Saral Vaastu?

“Character is the ability to carry out a good New Year resolution, long after the excitement of the moment has passed.”

As the clock strikes 12 on the night of 31st December, 2016 it is time to welcome the year 2017 with vigor and enthusiasm. Every New Year, like every new day, is a hope and a challenge that everyone seeks to succeed at and be happy. The one common thing done on the 1st of January is to wish friends and family. Another common event of any New Year is to set New Year resolutions. Many people see a new year as an opportunity to change bad habits, set goals, and start over.

According to all major surveys the five main New Year resolutions of people are listed below:

  • Focusing on health and fitness (including quitting nicotine products and alcohol, joining a gym, exercising, losing weight, meditating, etc.)
  • Becoming more financially responsible
  • Searching a new job or getting better at work and studies (clearing exams or getting professional certifications, or promotion at work)
  • Better ties with family and friends
  • Picking up at least one new hobby

However, according to other surveys, 70% of all resolutions are broken by the end of January and life goes back as it always. This happens mainly due to the lack of focus and will power. This is first reason why Vastu as a New Year resolution comes in handy. By applying the principles of Vastu shastra people will be able to develop a sense of confidence and motive inside them. It instills in them a positivity that guides them to take on challenges without getting discouraged or de-motivated. Everyone knows that life is not always hunky dory; there will definitely be ups and downs. But when you are surrounded by positive energy it guides you through troubled times. This is why you need to implement Vastu in 2017.

The second reason for following Vastu, especially the principles of Saral Vaastu, is to open all the seven major chakras in the body. As per ancient Indian science, when all the chakras in a human body are balanced or opened a person is at optimal health, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Saral Vaastu focuses on the science of directions and activates or revitalizes these chakras. When the 7 chakras are active, a person gets energy and an aura to take the challenges of life head on without losing focus.

Saral Vaastu believes that change begins at home and in implementing then in the easiest possible way. Below are some Saral Vaastu ways to follow at home to lead a peaceful and successful life in 2017:

  • Always keep the house clean and wipe of the accumulated dust from windows and tables. Keep the house clutter free.
  • Keep the main entrance door clean and clutter. This is the area from where the maximum positive energy enters.
  • Place your head in your 2nd favorable direction while sleeping. It will activate the seven chakras and help improve any health related issues.
  • Wear cloths of your favorable colors to attract positive results in all aspects of your life.
  • Face your 1st favorable direction while in office to activate 7 chakras and to improve the efficiency in work

These are some of the principles you can adapt to fulfill your New Year resolution. To know more about Vastu in 2017 contact the experts at Saral Vaastu.

“The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book waiting to be written. We can write that story by setting goals”

May god give you the strength and patience to fulfill your goals in 2017! Have a wonderful New Year!

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