How To Attract Money With Vastu?

Vastu shastra has the power to not only improve the lives of people but also to increase the flow of cash into a house or business; small changes done as per this proven vastu science results in massive gains in the long term. However Vastu for money should not be thought of as a replacement for hard work, and smart saving and investment instruments such as savings account in a bank or buying stocks and mutual funds. The best way to manage your money is by listening to the advice of financial experts who would suggest you the best financial schemes; however Vastu is the final switch that protects your money. Vastu shastra in fact ensures that there are no financial losses in a house or business. It also empowers an individual to make better financial decisions.

Although Vastu for money is essential for everyone, try to answer the below questions before deciding whether it is essential for you.

  • Do you feel that your expenses are more than your income?
  • Have you ever felt that no matter how smartly you manage money there is always a shortage at the end of the month?
  • Are you not able to pay off debts?
  • Are you not able to spend money on your family freely?
  • Do you feel that your peers have more money or manage it better than you?
  • Are your clients not paying your dues on time?
  • Is your business affected only because of frequent money shortages?
  • Do you witness loss of money due to unexplained reasons?
  • Has the inflow of your money (or income) become stagnant?
  • Are the same issues with money repeating itself every month?

If you have answered at least one of the questions as “yes”, then it is time to consider Vastu advice for money as an alternative.

There are various Vastu tips for money but before implementing any of them one has to approach an expert or consultant. Many a times a Vastu tip that works for one person will have no effect on someone else because each person is different and lives in a different area. Following are some of the common Vastu tips that you can try to attract money:

  • Replace or repair all the leaky pipes, taps and faucets. Leakage of water through pipes and faucets indicates loss of money.
  • As per Vastu purple is the color of money. Planring purple color plants in the house or office is considered good for attracting wealth. Planting a money plant in a purple pot also has the same effect.
  • The main entrance door of a house or office must be strictly Vastu compliant as it enhances positive energy in the room.
  • If there is a continuous loss in your business, then 66% of the Udyog sthan of your house is badly affected.
  • If there is any defect in the Saraswathi sthan at your home it will indirectly impact your business growth and wealth creation
  • Cash and jewelry at home and office are kept in a cash locker. Do not keep the cash box under a beam or a focus light. Also there is an appropriate direction to keep the box. If the cashbox is kept in a cupboard, then the cupboard should open in a particular direction.
  • If the cash box is kept in front of a mirror it is believed that the money in the cashbox doubles.
  • A neat and clean fish aquarium with healthy fish is considered good for wealth generation. The movement of the fish symbolizes the energy of money.
  • Keep the windows clean as dirt restricts the flow of money.
  • Keep a bird feeder outside your window or in the balcony. It helps attract money from all directions.

These are some of the common approaches to Vastu for money. For more details on implementing Vastu in your home or office, contact our experts at Saral Vaastu.

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