How to Create a Positive Atmosphere at Home for Dhanteras Celebrations!

Are you all set to celebrate the auspicious day of Dhanteras? An auspicious day of investing on the first day of Diwali celebrations as per Hindu traditions, many people take major investment decisions on this day. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘Teras’ means the 13th day of the Hindu calendar.

You can create a positive atmosphere at home for your Dhanteras puja and set a stage for attracting wealth and prosperity in your life. Saral Vaastu shows a simple way to do this. It is the art and science of adopting Vastu Principles by harnessing the power of cosmic energy in a simple and scientific way.

Saral Vaastu suggest the following ways for creating a positive atmosphere at your home on the Dhanteras day

  • Clutter-Free Home:

As per Saral Vaastu, the first step to attracting positivity in your homes is to keep it clutter-free and maintaining cleanliness & hygiene.

  • Toilets & Utility Room:

While offering prayers make sure you are not in close proximity to toilets or bathrooms or utility room. They are sources of negativity and being close to them may not enable to you to have a positive ambience around you.

  • Footwear:

Do not bring your footwear inside your home. Make a provision to keep it outside before entering your home. Dust and dirt may get stuck to your footwear, while you walk around different places and bring negativity and germs inside.

  • Sound of Bell:

When you ring the bell, while performing your Dhanteras puja, it would help remove the negativity from your home and surroundings. According to Saral Vaastu sound waves and resonance help to remove all kinds of negativity in your environment. Some other ways of generating sound vibes are clapping of hands or playing some instrument or a soothing music track.

  • Flowers & Candles:

Floral offering for performing Dhanteras puja can be really helpful. The fragrance can create a positive ambience. Moreover, lighting candles or diyas and even burning incense sticks can add to the positivity and purity of the home environment.

Dhanteras celebrations if done in a positive environment can enhance the flow of cosmic energy in the home environment. In this way you can attract the abundance in the universe.

Saral Vaastu shows a simple path to forever stay tuned into the cosmic energy and enjoy good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity for lifetime. Saral Vaastu is based on Saral Energy that enables you to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structure and channelize it through chakras. You just need to implement its principles once in your life. Within 9 to 180 days of implementing it you can experience a positive change in your life.

So, not only you can create a positive atmosphere for your Dhanteras 2018 celebrations, but also set a stage for attracting wealth and prosperity for lifetime.

Adopt Saral Vaastu principles and lead a blissful life – Happy Dhanteras!

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