How to Create the Right Kind of Ambiance at Home

Cosmic Energy is a powerful force which is present everywhere. You may have experienced how some days you feel blue or sad for no reason. Remember when you visited that temple or went for a stroll in the garden? Didn’t you feel calm and relaxed? Well, it is the prevailing energy in that place which influences your actions and behaviour. There are different levels of energy vibrations which exist in every place. If the flow of cosmic energy is good at any place, say your home, then you are bound to be cheerful and active most of the time. While you may have the exact opposite experience when there is imbalanced energy flow.

So, how can you create a positive ambience in your home? Saral Vaastu recommends following ways to create positive ambience and attract positive vibes in your home:-

  • Maintain Cleanliness: The best way to attract positive vibes in your home is keeping your home clean and tidy. Make sure to remove clutter from all corners of your home.
  • Keep Footwear Outside: Make it a point to remove your footwear outside your home, before entering. You might have walked around different and could bring negativity and germs from the dust and dirt stuck on your footwear.
  • Sound Waves: As per Saral Vaastu, sounds waves and resonance have the potential to remove negativity from your surroundings. Clapping of hands or Ringing of bells or playing some instrument like drums or cymbals or even singing a melodious song could help remove negative vibes. You could also play a similar music track for the same. Such sound vibrations are said to activate our seven chakras and bring positivity within us.
  • Flowers & Candles: Flowers may be used for offering prayers or decoration. The floral fragrance would bring positivity in the home environment. Burning of incense sticks, candles or diyas can also help.

If you are not feeling happy and comfortable in your home environment, the positive vibes may be lacking somewhere in your home. You can create a positive ambiance or atmosphere at home by following the above suggestions of Saral Vaastu. This will help you get internal bliss or peace of mind and experience positivity and a state of well-being.

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