How to Deal With Clients Who Visit in Your Office?

The proper etiquettes to handle clients who visit your office are taught in many B-school curriculums. And these etiquettes are also learned through experience. However there is one science in business management that is not taught in any B-schools and that is how to use Vastu Shastra to your benefit in a business.

When a client (or for that matter anyone) visits an office he brings with him prospective business opportunities, which should not be missed in today’s world of cut throat competition. No matter how well you speak and how great your presentation is, the client will also look at your office before making his or her decision. And spending lakhs of rupees to decorate the office is not a solution; decorating and constructing it smart is the answer.

This is where Vastu Shastra comes into the picture. The moment the client walks in the office he should be filled with positive energy; he should get the vibes that this is the place to business. And Vastu enhances this energy flow which will eventually work for your benefit. Vastu recommends minor and major changes in the office, but since it varies individually and as per location, only experts at Saral Vastu will be able to give you a complete picture.

In this article we throw light on some of the common Vastu tips to impress a client who visits your office:

  1. The main entrance door of the office should be wide, clean and clutter free. There should be no hindrance to movement. It should also be well lit. There should not be any overhead beams in this room.
  2. The office should be arranged such that every department should be in its favorable direction. The same goes for boss’s room and the meeting room where the client interacts.
  3. A painting, preferably of a mountain should be hung on the wall behind the boss’s chair. This represents support and strength.
  4. A water body like a fountain can be placed in the reception area. Also the boss’s cabin can have an aquarium.
  5. The furniture in the office must be spic-and-span.

These and many more Vastu tips increases the flow of energy and works in your favor to acquire more business and clients.

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