How to Defuse the Conflicts Between Couples?

Fights and Conflicts between couples in a relationship or marriage are common. However when these conflicts are frequent and reaches a point of intolerance then it is time to defuse it. These fights can occur at any stage of the relationship. It can happen to newlyweds, couples with babies, couples with teens, and even in old age. The onus of maintain a happy married life falls on both the partners. Marriage and relationships is all about compromises, sacrifices and contributions. And it is important to defuse conflicts between couples before they get out of hand. Although there might be innumerable reasons why couples fight, listed below are the most common ones:

  • Different life styles:

This reason for conflicts between couples arises in the newlyweds, and it affects both the partners. The wife has to leave her family and adjust to the traditions in her husband’s house and the husband has to forgo a lot of activities that he used to do before marriage. If couples do not communicate and adjust to each other’s wishes it leads to conflicts. The solution here is to understand that this is how things are going to be and start making changes. Making a list of chores to be done by both partners is also advisable; however ensure that it does not turn into a conflict.

  • Money:

One of the most common conflicts between couples (early in a marriage or after having children) is over money. Conflicts over financial matters can be caused by different salaries of the spouses and different concepts of managing and spending wealth. The only possible solution to this conflict is discussion. Discuss monthly expenses, savings, investments and insurance policies.

  • Children:

Having children is the greatest joy for many but in today’s age many people are averse to having children of their own. It is mandatory for couples to discuss about children or procreating before marriage. However, after a child is born each parent must share the responsibility of looking after the baby.

  • In-laws:

Soon after marriage the husband and wife may get on like a house on fire but adjusting to the in-laws poses a major problem for each partner. This is a tricky problem but every couple needs to make sure that the relationship with their parents and in-laws do not affect the bond between themselves.

  • Communication issues:

Miscommunication or lack of communication always happens in a marriage. Sometimes people chose not to communicate in order to avoid conflicts. However honesty is the best policy. Sarcasm and assumptions should also be avoided from the communication.

It is always necessary to defuse couple conflicts before it explodes. As mentioned above there are many tried and tested ways to make sure that the conflicts between couples are resolved.

One unique way to resolve conflicts in a marriage is through Vastu for happy married life. Changes in the Vastu of a house and bedroom in particular will help couples feel positive vibes and communicate better. Here are some simple Vastu tips to include in the house:

  • Avoid having three or more toilet or bathrooms in the house as it attracts negative energy
  • Directions are very important in Vastu shastra. Right from seeing the prospective bride/groom for the first time to the sleeping direction of the couple, everything has to be done as per favorable directions of individuals or breadwinner of the family.
  • The location of the bedroom is very important. If the bedroom is not in a favorable direction then energized Vastu items should be placed there for energy to flow.
  • Don’t place water posters in the bedroom.
  • Avoid placing an aquarium in bedroom.
  • For better relationship use couple photos (e.g.: Radha Krishna, wife and husband, love birds, etc.) in the bedroom at relation direction.

The experts at Saral Vastu are proficient in Vastu tips for couples. Get in touch with the experts and defuse the tension between couples before they explode.

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