How to Get Regular Good Night’s Sleep? Vastu Tips for Sleeping Without Tension

A good night’s sleep plays an important part in maintain good health and overall wellbeing of a human being. Sleep is like the charger for human mind and body. Getting quality sleep and at the right time not only protects mental and physical health, but improves the quality of life. However due to the daily hassles of life not many people are able to get their peaceful sleep at night. This lack of sleep can affect a person immediately or harm them over time. Lack of proper sleep affects the way a person thinks or reacts, works, learns and also interacts with others. Chronic health problems are also caused by improper sleep. But all these issues can be countered by one simple fact – realizing the best sleeping direction.

Scientifically speaking the sleeping direction of a person aligns them with the Earth’s magnetic field. Some people may shun this theory claiming that this magnetic field is too small to cause any impact. But the ones who believe in the cosmic powers do believe that even minor things in life makes a major difference. Logically speaking, there would only be one best sleeping direction for every individual. But that does not make any sense. This is where the power of Vastu shastra comes in. Vastu realizes that every individual is unique, every dwelling has its own alignment and structural dimensions; hence the sleeping direction of everyone is different.

Bedroom is the place where most of relax and get a sound sleep. It is the place we come in after a tiring day and try to sleep so as to energize for the next day. This is where Vastu for bedroom comes into the picture. A bedroom that is compliant to the principles of Vastu will ensure a calm ambience filled with peaceful. As per Vastu Shastra the ideal locations and directions for bedrooms are also defined. If the bedroom is not placed at the Vastu related direction remedies are available. Either structural changes have to be made or certain Vastu items can be placed at specific areas to make the room Vastu compliant. Before reading some Vastu tips for bedroom it is important to know that these are general advises on Vastu and does not hold true for one and all. Experts should be consulted for customized solutions.

Here are some common Vastu tips for sleep:

  • As mentioned earlier the direction of the bedroom and its allocation in a house is important for a positive ambience. However it might not be possible for everyone to make structural changes to their house. The solution to correct the Vastu of a house without breaking anything is by the use of Vastu samagris. These items capture the negative energy and thus harmonize the ambience. The master bedroom of a house should be reserved for married couples or the breadwinner of the family.
  • The sleeping direction of every individual is different and should be consulted with an expert.
  • Make sure that there are no mirrors in the bedroom. If there are mirrors then they should be covered at night while sleeping. Mirrors in the bedroom signify holding on to the past and not able to plan for the future.
  • Avoid placing electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, laptops etc. in the bedroom. The electric signals radiated from these devices disturb the sleep patterns.
  • As per Vastu shastra aquariums and other life forms including plants should not be kept in the bedroom.

There are many such Vastu tips for bedroom and sleep available; but every individual must take advise from a Vastu Shastra Consultancy so that the Vastu rules are tailored made for them.

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