Depression & Marriage : How to get rid of depression?

Are you living with a partner or spouse who is depressed? When one or both partners in a marriage or relationship are depressed the marriage or relationship is also on the same side. Depression is an illness that takes away the emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship and strains it by bringing in anger, resentment, isolation and pessimism. A depressed partner is usually unhappy and negative, and it is often difficult to persuade them to get help. How to get rid of depression that is hampering your relationship and pushing it to beyond belief ? At times you may feel alone and yet be unwilling to share the status of your relationship with your kin or friends. There will be other times when you gradually lose the joy in the relationship and live in lethargy. Just remember that there is always a solution to tackle a depressed partner.

How to get rid of depression? There are many ways to make a depressed person at ease and gradually bring him/her out of depression. Depression varies in severity but its behavioral impacts affects relationships. The chemical imbalances affecting brain during depression affects the energy levels, thoughts, moods, sleep and appetite. However this condition may also become a reason for a special bonding between partners. Many couples face this challenge together and come out with a better and stronger relation.
Some regular tips to help your partner overcome depression:

1. It is important for you to understand that the enemy is depression, an illness, and not your partner who is going through periods of ups and lows. A couple’s therapy will help each partner overcome their problems.
2. It is helpful for a depressed patient to see a doctor together with their significant other. Be there for therapy sessions.
3. Depression takes time to ward off and the treatment entails certain trial and error methods. One needs to be patient and supportive during this period.
4. Try and motivate your partner to visit a doctor or seek help. Depression is mostly associated with social stigma and the person suffering from it tries to avoid medical attention. Also be patient towards your partner mood swings.
5. If you have children then, the depression in the relationship affects them as well. Talk to them and give them age-appropriate information.

Overcoming depression is a tedious process and it takes time. Another way to help your partner overcome depression is to follow the principles of Vastu shastra, which aligns the cosmic forces to work for your favor. Vastu tips to reduce stress are an effective and proven method to overcome this mental illness. Here are some of the common steps you can take to ensure positivity in a depressed partner:

1. Make your house bright and clutter free. Clean the house so that there is space for free movement of people as well as energy. For example remove the furniture that causes hindrance while moving around the house or remove unused and rusted things from underneath the bed, etc. You can also repaint the walls of the bedroom (although choose the right colors as per Vastu).
2. Remove mirrors from the bedroom or cover them at night.
3. Find out the favorite direction of your partner and ask him/her to face that direction while sleeping. Favorable directions also dictate other activities such as eating, working etc. which should be followed religiously.
4. Sometimes mental tension can be caused by the presence of electrical equipment in or outside the house. Contact a Vastu expert and make suitable changes in the house or place Vastu samagri that negates the effect of electrical disturbances.
5. Keep salt rock lamps in the dark corners of the home to remove negative energies.
Vastu for relationship ensures that couples live their lives in harmony with love and peace. Contact a Vastu expert to know more on how to help your partner overcome depression. However the main thing is to understand your partner’s problems and be supportive. Depression is only an illness that can be taken care of with diligence.

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